Friday, July 9, 2010


I sold out last night and imported all the posts from here to an inactive Tumblr that I only signed up for, for a band blog. It is a better site, much better but it's pretty natural at this stage for me to reject change and new things in general and I thought I'd have held out longer than I actually did. Ah well.

So, in short, I've moved. I have a ton of stuff to write about; Tour, Poland and moving into Kimmage. All that exciting content will be posted on my Tumblr and not here. Eventually.

And hey, at least I finally got a name for my blog out of it.

Monday, June 7, 2010


#1: Cut your hair/shave your beard.

#2: Bring a towel.

#3: Don't leave your Horlicks that you brought for your throat behind two days into tour.

#4: France sucks. The people suck.

#5: Throw away your socks after you wear them so they don't stink up your bag.

#6: After you estimate your fuel costs. Double it. Diesel is expensive.

#7: As soon as I get back home, I want to go on tour again.

#8: When a show gets cancelled, I get really angry for awhile.

#9: You will never sweat as much as you do on tour.

#10: Make sure you visit Amsterdam.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I went to this last weekend. It was obviously awesome, but I'm not gonna talk about it. I wanna talk about how England fucking rules if you're a veggie compared to Ireland. Recently, I've been laying off having fast food and I've been eating pretty well (apart from Shakes, but come on, it's Shakes) and lost a little bit of weight to where I can physically notice it when I'm playing football and I feel less tired in general.

All that went out the window as soon as I got to Luton Airport.

Actually having a choice on matter where I went to get a sandwich was awesome. In most Centras/Spars etc you're lucky if you can find an egg mayonnaise and watercress most of the time. Regularly seeing Ploughman's is a thing of the past but in England, you're looking at having a choice between 4 or 5 veggie sandwiches. Into it.

Nothing, not even the chips, in McDonalds are vegetarian in Ireland. It's different in England and they even have a two kinds of veggie burger. I got the classic one and it's so good. It's probably my favourite thing about England now that there's a Cornish pasty shop open in Temple Bar.

Quite close to the venue, as in less than a minute walk from the door, there is a Holland and Barrett where I picked up a meat-free Mexican pastry and it was pure delish. For lunch, myself, Eddie and Bryan went to the Vegan Thai Buffet which is extremely tasty and while it wasn't as cheap as first thought when we entered the place, I was happy to pay that price for what I ate.

After the show, everyone was meant to go to Integrity play. Bryan and Laura Hampson didn't have a ticket, though. I think Laura was trying to or might have been close to getting a ticket but I decided to give her mine and go back to the Travelodge with Bryan so he wouldn't be wandering the harsh London streets alone. After we found the place, we went a got even more food. I got a lovely (and extremely spicy) pizza and we watched some of Stuck On You.

The only downer about the place is it's shitty money and that Fanta has fish oil in it.

So yeah, diet destroyed. I'm going to try and get back on it tomorrow though, even if I'm going to be on tour. I think it will be pretty easy to eat right on the road and with what food we get at shows if I put in a bit of effort. We'll see.

These lads are sweet. So is Glenn.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


dumbsticks, goo gullearth, Horndiddle, WezTheSniper, x Gun Twista x, xMac Kellx.

Social Matches are the future of Gears. I really hope the lads will still be holding it down when I get back from my travels. This was my last full day on Xbox for quite awhile.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Like millions and millions of people all over the world, I stayed up on Sunday night to watch the Finale of Lost. It aired at 5.30am in Ireland. Now, my following of Lost has been pretty erratic. I almost gave up on it a few episodes into Season 3 and played catch up when Season 5 had started. I can't remember exactly why I stopped following it and while catching up, it was clear to me that I shouldn't have stopped. With Season 6, I watched the first few episodes from week to week, but on Sunday night, I found myself at the disadvantage of only being on episode 11. The finale had crept up on me and I almost gave up on going to Chris' house with Casey, Darragh, CiarĂ¡n, Glenn, Gav, Eddie and Chris to watch the finale. Ciara was pretty interested in seeing the finale, even after only watching Season 2 haha, so I decided to go with the flow and reckoned the blanks wouldn't be too hard to fill in.

Now, while being 5 episodes behind in a fast moving conclusion to the story of Lost and also reportedly dosing off from being up since 8.30am that day, I had a firm grasp on what was going on and didn't seem to miss a beat from reading what others had to say on Moshspace since the episode end. To say I was disappointed with the ending would be quite an understatement. I hated it. I obviously wasn't the biggest fan of Lost and I certainly wasn't even the biggest fan among my group of friends but I thought it was a great show and even bought the game, despite poor reviews to play it out and see what happened. Of course, that ended up not being canon anyway so Ubisoft are lucky that it was an easy 1000Gs.

I was never one to write or even share my theories. I wasn't the biggest person on reading many other people's either. But like probably nearly everyone, the thought of it being limbo/purgatory did cross my mind but when the producers said that the island wasn't purgatory, I discounted that it could have anything to do with the afterlife and never read or thought about anything to do with theories of the afterlife again. Lost was more than just a TV show and I think it required more time than I gave it. Even the more subtle parts of episodes were incredibly important and I forgot about a lot of them from past series. When I watched the ending the first time, I simply didn't get it. The pieces didn't add up in my head, not only because of the episodes that I was missing but what I was missing from the episodes I'd watched in the past.

Another reason why I feel I was disappointed with the ending is because, even though I knew the show was coming to a close and it was getting a bit late in the day to answer/solve every mystery, I still expected those mysteries to be solved rather than focusing on the characters and the fact that it was the end of their journey (well, some of them) and the final series wasn't really about the inner workings of the island at all.

I spent of much of today watching SeanieB's video recaps on YouTube. The guy's voice is kind of annoying but he goes through each episode, saying what happened and mentioning what relevant things happen and why they are relevant. After that I watched The Final Journey which was a two hour special recapping what happened to the major characters throughout the entire show (and other stuff too) right up until the finale. After that, all that was left to do was watch the finale again, fully alert and wide awake.

This is the way I wish I watched the finale the first time and I wished that I got more involved over the last 6 years in the theory and discussion side of Lost, outside of just watching it on TV and saying whether I liked or disliked the episode and asking the odd question. When I watched the finale again, I thought it was incredible. Really incredible.

The final fight between Jack and Man in Black was epic. Jack defeating him and saving the island was great before sacrificing himself to save the island. Seeing some people actually make it off the island, especially Richard as he'd been on the island for centuries was deadly (I mean truely get off the island, to be free). It seems like Hurley and Ben looked after the island for a long time and I wonder if Ben is the protector now, seeing as he didn't go into the church. Ending the show with Jack closing his eyes was a pretty delish touch aswell.

Now, I'm not saying that the people who didn't like the finale just didn't get it or weren't into the show enough. Not at all. I'm just talking about me here. There's no way I should have watched the finale having missed 5 episodes, not having a refreshers course and being dog tired.

I'm sad that it's all over now, I reckon I'll have to add to my entire DVD collection (Mortal Kombat on a double-sided DVD) by buying the complete series on DVD.


This is something that I never imagined a girl turn around to me and say. I never imagined it'd ever go away with a girlfriend actually. In keeping with my trend of blogging when it's almost too late, I'm talking about when I went to Disneyland Paris with Ciara in March.

I'd love to pass the blame on not writing about this sooner to the hotel, because I brought my Mac but they didn't have Wi-Fi. I know, pretty crazy but true. I can't really do that though, because I've had plenty of chances to do it since but sure, I'm doing it now, unless I stop typing and save this as a draft for months or delete it. I'm going to do that though, I promise.

I wrote down what we did each day, so I wouldn't forget if the chicken came before the egg or visa versa. Dad always does that on holidays and it looks like I'm going to follow suit.


We left my house at 4am, on very little sleep and the first question the taxi driver asks us is; "Were you kicking a ball around there?". Haha, what? I said I wasn't and he insisted that someone else must have been kicking a ball against a wall. At 4am. Weird person at the wheel. Got to the airport and went to check in. While in the queue, a man took our printed out tickets and got our boarding cards. It didn't have us sitting together, so I tried to change that when we checked in our bag. No dice. Lame. It wasn't going to be a long flight, though.

A couple of things on the place pissed me off, though. First off, there were people in our seats. A family, which when I tried to change our seats, I was told the reason I couldn't change them is because the other seats that were together were reserved for families. We asked about where we should sit and were given seats together behind the row we were meant to be in. Great. Nope, some family came and started looking at us and then their tickets. I asked them if these were the seats they'd been assigned and I was ignored and then they seemed annoyed that we hadn't moved yet. This really pissed me off. The guy most definitely heard me. We looked for other seats and couldn't really see any. So we sat at the front in Business Class. Cheeky, I know but it looked like the rest of the flight was full. Needless to say when the attendant came through the curtain, she looked at us like we were aliens and just told us to find seats in Economy, instead of helping us find seats like a decent person would. We ended up sitting a good bit away from eachother inbetween people that weren't together. That meant that we could have been given seats together in the first place. Argh.

I watched an episode of Chuck on the plane. The guy beside me seemed to be watching too. Got a Blueberry Muffin too which calmed me down. Ciara was apparently sandwiched between the two biggest people in the world. Leave jokes in the comments, haha. This is where, the awesomeness of having gone through a travel agent kicked in. All transport, from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport was already organised and paid for.

We checked in after a bus ride to the Santa Fe. It's the cheapest of the hotels in the Disneyland Resort. I have to admit, as Ciara had stayed in the lush 5 star hotel above the entrance to the park, I was a little worried that she might be let down by the hotel but she didn't seem to be at all. We settled in and because it was really early, like 11am or something, we decided to head to the parks. Pretty much the main reason I wanted to stay in the Disneyland Resort was because there were shuttles to and from the park. I've never organised anything to do with transport, getting from A to B on a trip before. Glenn do all that stuff for Boston and Gav's been on most of the other trips I've gone on.

We decided to hit up the Walt Disney Studio Park first. I've never been there. I had been to Disneyland Paris before on a school trip in 4th year, but we just went to the main park. I was pretty stoked on this. The first thing we went on was The Twlight Zone Tower of Terror. First thing I thought was, how good was the show, The Twlight Zone and why haven't I watched in in years. The second was, I can't believe we're here. The ride itself was slightly different to the one in America but just as good. I screamed. I pretty much screamed on everything because screaming is fun. Next up was the Rockin' Roller Coaster. Listening to Aerosmith while doing corkscrews is a pretty good combo. There was only a 5 minute wait for it aswell, pretty mental.

Then we went to a couple of shows. The Armageddon Special Effects show and an action stunt show. I enjoyed the Special Effects show but I was thankful that I brought my glasses because I was reading most of what was going on while the audio was in French. I know it seems ridiculous but I really wish everything was in English. Obviously that's unfair to everyone that doesn't speak English, do throughout the trip, I felt that some of the magic was lost by having to hear lines in French first, then English or having to read English subs while being distracted by a language I can't fathom and think sounds terrible. The Stunt show was awesome. Car stunts, guns and fire. Tough guy stuff. I actually even wrote about it in my Media Analysis exam when talking about stunts in general while answering a question on the camera never lying. Basically saying that editing and camera angles make stunts look a lot different than they do to the naked eye.

I'm not sure when we ate lunch on Friday but it was crap. We went to a place that did crappy veg stuff. Actually, I'm not sure we did go for lunch, I didn't write it down and look at me, completely lost.

After that we went to see some Animation stuff, or so we thought. We went to a show called Animagic. We both thought it would be all about the animation history of the films Disney makes or something similar. It wasn't at all but it was still really good. It was basically Mickey and Donald drawing at the start, Mickey leaves and leaves behind a key to a door. Donald takes the key, enters the door and the fun begin. There's characters from most of the animated flicks, singing songs from them and then there's giant pink elephants, which was weird. Cinemagic was next on the list, and that was awesome. It was about someone getting sucked into the cinema screen and appearing in different films, not just Disney ones, it's difficult to explain but it was probably the best show of the trip.

We were getting pretty hungry at this stage but we simply had to go on Rockin' Rollercoaster again before heading to the Disney Village. We ate in Planet Hollywood, where Ciara introduced me to Spinach Dip. Oh my. It tasted so good. Ciara had nachos and for main she had a Caesar salad. I had spaghetti. It wasn't great but they didn't have anything else veg on the menu. They also don't mark veg dishes of there. They mark meat free dishes, which means that the fish dishes are marked aswell.

After that, we did some shopping around the Disney Village and went back to the hotel. Awesome day.


Disneyland Park time. Honey! I Shrunk The Audience was up first and thankfully, you got headsets so that you could have the show in any language you wanted. Good thinking, Walt. We then entered a dark tunnel, which I seriously thought was the queue for a ride but it was just a weird underwater sea thing to walk through. Ciara was under no such illusions and as such didn't feel cheated when we reached the end and there was no coaster.

No bother. We went on Space Mountain next. It really kicks the shit out of the Space Mountain in Florida. Like seriously, the one in Florida can suck it. Paris is where I want to be launched into space from. So good. As if things couldn't get any better, it was Star Wars time. Such an old style ride but it's still so good.

We definitely had lunch on Saturday. I remember and I wrote it down too. The lunch itself wasn't amazing but we had it from a restaurant that was in Videopolis and watched some of Steamboat Willie before heading back out.

Alice's Curious Labyrinth was next on the agenda after finding out the Mad Hatter's Tea Party was closed for maintenance. The downside of going off peak. It was actually pretty packed, but I suspected that, with it being Saturday and the weather being so good. I was so surprised that so much space was dedicated to the labyrinth. It was huge and had loads of stuff in it, mostly different photo ops, including a pretty big model castle that you could go into and head to the towers. I enjoyed it a lot and didn't really think I would.

The longest wait of the trip was for Peter Pan's Flight. It said 45 minutes but it had to be longer. Then we went on Snow White and Pinocchio's Voyages which are all very similar. They're like a visual journey through the important scenes of the film and the blanks are filled in with a voice of the PA. Which was in French and my memory wasn't serving me well so I was pretty much lost.

The heat was really taking it out of us and because we had the freedom of 4 days, we decided that we'd use our Fast Pass for Buzz Lightyear and call it a day and do the other two lands in the park tomorrow. The Buzz Lightyear ride was is a moving shooting gallery where you fight robots and the evil Zurg. It was deadly. We got individual scores and I won't embarrass Ciara by revealing them. OK, I will. I pulled in a decent 120,000. She got 20,000. Thrashed.

We headed to the Disney Village for dinner once again. Saturday wasn't a good day for food at all. We went to the Rainforest Cafe, which I was pretty stoked on. Mostly stoked because when I went to the one in America, they had the greatest smoothies of all time. This one had no smoothies. Fucking lame. We shared Onion Rings and Garlic bread to start and both got the Veggie burger. The starter was good, especially the BBQ sauce that came with it but the burger wasn't up to much. Disappointing.

We went back to the hotel and watched the newest version of Alice in Wonderful. Meh.

Awesome day, though. The bad food and poor movie couldn't take that away.


Part two of Disneyland Park. It wasn't quite as hot and certainly wasn't as packed. Off peak time holidays FTW. We started off with the Indiana Jones rollercoaster and then got lost in some caves for awhile. It couldn't see at all in the caves and was sure I would walk directly into a wall so was walking like a granny through them.

Next we went on Pirates of the Caribbean. Another older ride that holds up really well. Being a pirate would have been pretty amazing. Before lunch was went though Aladdin's Secret Passage, again, jokes in the comments, which was a walk through the story of Aladdin. What a film. How good was the game aswell? Killing snakes with apples. Amazing.

Best lunch of the trip was the Mexican lunch we had on Sunday. Mexican is the best food. Nachos and a Mexican salad. Ciara got Nacho shaped chips instead of the salad. This was my second salad of the trip and probably my second salad of the year.

We got the Fast Pass for Big Thunder Mountain and headed to the Phantom Manor. It was very different to the one in America, thought it was better. Ridiculously horrible mangled ghost/demon dog in it. Ciara wanted to go on Space Mountain again. Of course, there were no arguments from me. Then we went back to go on Big Thunder Mountain before heading to Main Street to browse.

Dinner time again and once again, we headed to the Disney Village because there was no reason to go anywhere else really. This time we went to Annette's Diner and it was the best meal of the trip. So good infact, that if we'd eaten there on Friday night, we'd have probably gone there for the rest of the weekend. We wanted to get dessert because they had some delish looking Ben and Jerry's desserts so was got veggie burgers and shared a side of garlic bread. The burger was up there with the best I've ever had. I also had a vanilla Sprite to drink. It was class. I actually forget what I had for dessert, I'm thinking apple crumble with some Ben and Jerry's ice cream but I can't be sure. Ciara got a sundae.

After that, we got the shuttle back to the hotel and watched the Little Mermaid on my Mac. I didn't plan out these Disney related movie nights, I just happened to have them downloaded already. Worked out nicely, though.


On Monday we had a later flight so we were able to go to the Studios Park and do the last couple of things so that we could say that we got everything done that we wanted to/could have done.

First up was Crushes Coaster. This always has ridiculously long cues and it was because it was A) the coaster with the lowest height restriction and B) it had a pretty slow turnover of getting people out of the carts and new people into them. This was actually the longest wait of the weekend with an hour wait time but I reckon it was worth it. The coaster spun around instead of their being any loops or corkscrews and was fast enough. Now, I'm not saying it was even close to Space Mountain but it was most definitely worth going on. We then went on a Cars themed ride that was pretty much the Mad Hatter's Tea Party before heading to a show that I can't think of the name of. Yeah, I didn't write down anything that we did on Monday so I'm glad it was the day with the least amount of park time, for the purposes of the accuracy of the blog. It was about the creation of Disney characters and went into detail about the creation of Mushu from Mulan, which was played by Eddie Murphy. He basically was going to be two dragons and a host of different kinds of dragon before he became what he was in the film. It was pretty interesting.

We finished off the trip to Disneyland by going on the Rockin' Roller Coaster again, twice. So four times in total. Got some food before going back to the hotel to get the bus to the airport.

I behaved myself on the shopping front. I usually buy loads of stuff I don't need for the sake of it. This time, I only got a couple of things that I don't need for the sake of it in a Toy Story tee, some pens and toy of Mike from Monsters Inc.

I got the boarding passes myself this time and was able to have us sitting together. Watched another episode of Chuck, which I'm now all finished and am looking forward to Season 4 of, before we landed and she got collected by her Dad and Mum collected me.

Seriously awesome trip and I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else.

I'm going to go find Ciara's Facebook album and put photos into this. I think they're all from the Saturday and Sunday, though.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Feel really good about my Marketing exam that I took earlier today. I get the results in the first week of June.

I hung out with Joe Panama today for the first time in what seemed like an age. I love that guy and I loved the meal that we shared. Boojum burritos are tasty.

Then we got shakes in.....Shakes (Lion bar OMFG!) and inverted the colours on iMacs in CompuB.

I'm back using Twitter for at least the next ten minutes.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Naaaaaaiiiiiiillllllllllllleeeeeeedddddddd it.

Marketing on Monday. Then freedom.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I haven't written a proper blog in ages. I haven't mentioned the complete DIY transformation job I did on my room or my awesome trip to Disneyland Paris with Ciara. All in good time, I suppose. I've been pretty busy with finishing up the last of my colllege assignments, shows and the usual unhealthy amount of Xbox that I play.

My classes in college are now finished and all my assignments have been completed. All that's left now is three exams, the first of which was today.

I had Media Analysis at 9.30am this morning. I got a lift in from Mum and we left the house at 8.10am. Normally it's a 15 minute drive at most door to door but because of morning traffic it takes much much longer and I had to be there for 9am to find out what was going on.

This was my most dreaded exam. I had to answer four questions out of eight. We get the questions before the exam so that we can prepare our answers. I think it's a fairly stupid way to give a test and that we simpy should have been given a big assignment of four essays instead but I don't make the rules. Yet. Now he wanted about four pages for each answer in a two hour exam. So, sixteen pages of writing in two hours was going to be fairly tough.

I had two of my questions really really well prepared. On understanding the term Media Literacy and discussing the statement "The camera never lies". There was a question relating to The Late Late Show which I was well enough covered on and then I was pretty much winging it on a question about if being media literate is revelant to the music industry, which I was still sure I coud write a good bit on.

Time was the enemy. I got the first two questions done and then scribbled some bullet points for question three. I couldn't write fast enough. I got five and half pages for the media literacy question and four discussing the statement. I'm fairly sure my answers are both really good and if they are, I'll still pass the exam but it was frustrating because I had a lot more to write but time wouldn't allow it. A lot of people were leaving the exam early and I couldn't believe when Mark Doyle left fourty minutes before the end and had gotten all his questions done and had written 3 and half pages on average for each. I was literally writing from the very start until the very end of the exam. In fact I went beyond the time and had to be told to put my pen down and finish up, twice.

My hand was also fucking killing me from ten minutes in. I can't believe how slow I am now at writing but I really do rarely write anything anymore. Most of my notes are typed and the ones that are written are in unreadable format as if penned by a chicken and all of my assignments were typed. If I had been doing the exam on a mac I reckon I would have gotten a lot more done if I didn't have to make sure my writing was actually readable and everything was being spelt correctly.

Oh, woe is me. It's done now and hopefully I'll never have to go near Media Analysis again. Tomorrow is Finance and I feel confident about it. I've jinxed it now, though.

Thursday, May 6, 2010