Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I went to this last weekend. It was obviously awesome, but I'm not gonna talk about it. I wanna talk about how England fucking rules if you're a veggie compared to Ireland. Recently, I've been laying off having fast food and I've been eating pretty well (apart from Shakes, but come on, it's Shakes) and lost a little bit of weight to where I can physically notice it when I'm playing football and I feel less tired in general.

All that went out the window as soon as I got to Luton Airport.

Actually having a choice on matter where I went to get a sandwich was awesome. In most Centras/Spars etc you're lucky if you can find an egg mayonnaise and watercress most of the time. Regularly seeing Ploughman's is a thing of the past but in England, you're looking at having a choice between 4 or 5 veggie sandwiches. Into it.

Nothing, not even the chips, in McDonalds are vegetarian in Ireland. It's different in England and they even have a two kinds of veggie burger. I got the classic one and it's so good. It's probably my favourite thing about England now that there's a Cornish pasty shop open in Temple Bar.

Quite close to the venue, as in less than a minute walk from the door, there is a Holland and Barrett where I picked up a meat-free Mexican pastry and it was pure delish. For lunch, myself, Eddie and Bryan went to the Vegan Thai Buffet which is extremely tasty and while it wasn't as cheap as first thought when we entered the place, I was happy to pay that price for what I ate.

After the show, everyone was meant to go to Integrity play. Bryan and Laura Hampson didn't have a ticket, though. I think Laura was trying to or might have been close to getting a ticket but I decided to give her mine and go back to the Travelodge with Bryan so he wouldn't be wandering the harsh London streets alone. After we found the place, we went a got even more food. I got a lovely (and extremely spicy) pizza and we watched some of Stuck On You.

The only downer about the place is it's shitty money and that Fanta has fish oil in it.

So yeah, diet destroyed. I'm going to try and get back on it tomorrow though, even if I'm going to be on tour. I think it will be pretty easy to eat right on the road and with what food we get at shows if I put in a bit of effort. We'll see.

These lads are sweet. So is Glenn.

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