Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I haven't written a proper blog in ages. I haven't mentioned the complete DIY transformation job I did on my room or my awesome trip to Disneyland Paris with Ciara. All in good time, I suppose. I've been pretty busy with finishing up the last of my colllege assignments, shows and the usual unhealthy amount of Xbox that I play.

My classes in college are now finished and all my assignments have been completed. All that's left now is three exams, the first of which was today.

I had Media Analysis at 9.30am this morning. I got a lift in from Mum and we left the house at 8.10am. Normally it's a 15 minute drive at most door to door but because of morning traffic it takes much much longer and I had to be there for 9am to find out what was going on.

This was my most dreaded exam. I had to answer four questions out of eight. We get the questions before the exam so that we can prepare our answers. I think it's a fairly stupid way to give a test and that we simpy should have been given a big assignment of four essays instead but I don't make the rules. Yet. Now he wanted about four pages for each answer in a two hour exam. So, sixteen pages of writing in two hours was going to be fairly tough.

I had two of my questions really really well prepared. On understanding the term Media Literacy and discussing the statement "The camera never lies". There was a question relating to The Late Late Show which I was well enough covered on and then I was pretty much winging it on a question about if being media literate is revelant to the music industry, which I was still sure I coud write a good bit on.

Time was the enemy. I got the first two questions done and then scribbled some bullet points for question three. I couldn't write fast enough. I got five and half pages for the media literacy question and four discussing the statement. I'm fairly sure my answers are both really good and if they are, I'll still pass the exam but it was frustrating because I had a lot more to write but time wouldn't allow it. A lot of people were leaving the exam early and I couldn't believe when Mark Doyle left fourty minutes before the end and had gotten all his questions done and had written 3 and half pages on average for each. I was literally writing from the very start until the very end of the exam. In fact I went beyond the time and had to be told to put my pen down and finish up, twice.

My hand was also fucking killing me from ten minutes in. I can't believe how slow I am now at writing but I really do rarely write anything anymore. Most of my notes are typed and the ones that are written are in unreadable format as if penned by a chicken and all of my assignments were typed. If I had been doing the exam on a mac I reckon I would have gotten a lot more done if I didn't have to make sure my writing was actually readable and everything was being spelt correctly.

Oh, woe is me. It's done now and hopefully I'll never have to go near Media Analysis again. Tomorrow is Finance and I feel confident about it. I've jinxed it now, though.

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