Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Like millions and millions of people all over the world, I stayed up on Sunday night to watch the Finale of Lost. It aired at 5.30am in Ireland. Now, my following of Lost has been pretty erratic. I almost gave up on it a few episodes into Season 3 and played catch up when Season 5 had started. I can't remember exactly why I stopped following it and while catching up, it was clear to me that I shouldn't have stopped. With Season 6, I watched the first few episodes from week to week, but on Sunday night, I found myself at the disadvantage of only being on episode 11. The finale had crept up on me and I almost gave up on going to Chris' house with Casey, Darragh, CiarĂ¡n, Glenn, Gav, Eddie and Chris to watch the finale. Ciara was pretty interested in seeing the finale, even after only watching Season 2 haha, so I decided to go with the flow and reckoned the blanks wouldn't be too hard to fill in.

Now, while being 5 episodes behind in a fast moving conclusion to the story of Lost and also reportedly dosing off from being up since 8.30am that day, I had a firm grasp on what was going on and didn't seem to miss a beat from reading what others had to say on Moshspace since the episode end. To say I was disappointed with the ending would be quite an understatement. I hated it. I obviously wasn't the biggest fan of Lost and I certainly wasn't even the biggest fan among my group of friends but I thought it was a great show and even bought the game, despite poor reviews to play it out and see what happened. Of course, that ended up not being canon anyway so Ubisoft are lucky that it was an easy 1000Gs.

I was never one to write or even share my theories. I wasn't the biggest person on reading many other people's either. But like probably nearly everyone, the thought of it being limbo/purgatory did cross my mind but when the producers said that the island wasn't purgatory, I discounted that it could have anything to do with the afterlife and never read or thought about anything to do with theories of the afterlife again. Lost was more than just a TV show and I think it required more time than I gave it. Even the more subtle parts of episodes were incredibly important and I forgot about a lot of them from past series. When I watched the ending the first time, I simply didn't get it. The pieces didn't add up in my head, not only because of the episodes that I was missing but what I was missing from the episodes I'd watched in the past.

Another reason why I feel I was disappointed with the ending is because, even though I knew the show was coming to a close and it was getting a bit late in the day to answer/solve every mystery, I still expected those mysteries to be solved rather than focusing on the characters and the fact that it was the end of their journey (well, some of them) and the final series wasn't really about the inner workings of the island at all.

I spent of much of today watching SeanieB's video recaps on YouTube. The guy's voice is kind of annoying but he goes through each episode, saying what happened and mentioning what relevant things happen and why they are relevant. After that I watched The Final Journey which was a two hour special recapping what happened to the major characters throughout the entire show (and other stuff too) right up until the finale. After that, all that was left to do was watch the finale again, fully alert and wide awake.

This is the way I wish I watched the finale the first time and I wished that I got more involved over the last 6 years in the theory and discussion side of Lost, outside of just watching it on TV and saying whether I liked or disliked the episode and asking the odd question. When I watched the finale again, I thought it was incredible. Really incredible.

The final fight between Jack and Man in Black was epic. Jack defeating him and saving the island was great before sacrificing himself to save the island. Seeing some people actually make it off the island, especially Richard as he'd been on the island for centuries was deadly (I mean truely get off the island, to be free). It seems like Hurley and Ben looked after the island for a long time and I wonder if Ben is the protector now, seeing as he didn't go into the church. Ending the show with Jack closing his eyes was a pretty delish touch aswell.

Now, I'm not saying that the people who didn't like the finale just didn't get it or weren't into the show enough. Not at all. I'm just talking about me here. There's no way I should have watched the finale having missed 5 episodes, not having a refreshers course and being dog tired.

I'm sad that it's all over now, I reckon I'll have to add to my entire DVD collection (Mortal Kombat on a double-sided DVD) by buying the complete series on DVD.