Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This show. Couldn't have gone any better. A success in every way and it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't just started working with people who went out of their way to help bands. Chrissie from Positive Nuisance Booking is backed. Managing to get a Polar Bear Club and a Title Fight headline show, three weeks apart when they were on the same tour is the proudest moment for me doing Demented so far. It was a stressful process but not half as stressful as I made it out to be. I had fun with it. Mostly at the expense of Zach Golden.

I had the show confirmed a good while before I told anyone. Maybe a full week. I didn't do that solely to be a dick, that was seriously just a huge bonus. I wanted to wait until I was sure that nothing could go wrong (not that you can ever truely do that) because I knew how excited people would be. I know that I was excited and I know how I would have felt if it fell apart.

I think All Ages shows will be the death of me. Getting up at 8.30am on a weekend. WTF. Ciara's started to help me with/at Demented shows now and this was her first. I left her in charge of the rider and despite going a euro or so over budget (amateur), she helped me out big style by doing that. Title Fight were all really nice and enjoyed the show, said it was in top three on the tour.

I only got to watch Basement, Find A Way and TF because booking shows in The Pint means I'm back on the door. However, I debuted my, while oversized still incredible Demented Logo stamp. I think I'll be getting one about half the size soon. I should have paid at least some attention to the list of dimensions on the site. Basement were awesome and I think that was my favourite Find A Way set so far. I'm going to cry when they play their last show before their break, I just know it. Title Fight, well, it was insane. Stage Dive City. Played all the tunes. I can't remember what I did afterwards. Probably declined invitations to go out and went home. That's me all over.

Oh, and not that it really matters but to the people who said that Title Fight were more popular than Polar Bear Club outside our scene. You were wrong. Meaning that I was right. Which I quite like. Just kidding, it 100% matters.

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