Saturday, March 13, 2010


I went a double date last night with Ciara and Joebreaker and Sarah. It was my idea. The other three found it strange that it was my suggestion. I wouldn't actually really class it as a double date because we all know eachother so well. It was just four friends hanging out, really.

We went to see the 10pm showing of Shutter Island. Film was great. Enjoyed it from beginning to end which I was almost surprised at. I'd been looking forward to seeing it for a long time and usually you end up feeling let down, but not with Shutter Island. Go see it. Ciara didn't like it. Definitely go see it.

Afterwards we were going to get a 3 in 1 on the way back to the other couples apartment. Nothing really works out how you planned it. We were egged. Yes. Egged. Well, my bag took the worst of it but they were definitely wanting to cover us in goo. I didn't even see them because of my poor eye sight but it was a group of lads with a ton of eggs on the opposite side of the road firing almost baby chickens at us. We made it to the apartment alive. I've since discovered that there are tiny egg stains on my jacket but Mum is going to take care of it. Phew.

We chatted until about 3am before myself and Ciara got a taxi back to mine. I spent today narrowly defending my Scene It? Championship and exploring the world of Narnia.

I'm playing my second show of the week with Forced Out tomorrow. I had a bit of a disaster with the microphones on Wednesday. It'll more than likely happen again.

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