Sunday, March 28, 2010


Continuing what is now becoming a trend, this blog is about Saturday, February 27th when Forced Out hopped in Vegan Rory's van with Young Wolves (and Tag along Parnell), heading to Portlaoise and had ourselves a good time.

We were playing with ifoundthekiller from the UK, Anderson Mesa from Portlaoise and We Come in Pieces from somewhere. Not very many people paid into the show, not many at all. It was a shame because I imagined the turnout might have been similar to The Wonder Years, minus the Dublin people. That wasn't really a lot of people either but it was more than showed up to this show. We're not TWYs though, so I'll shut the fuck up.

When we arrived, I was able to finally try on my Gears of War jacket. It had arrived at Matteo's door a couple of days earlier. I was pretty nervous. I'd paid quite a sum of money for it when you add up the actual cost of the jacket, shipping it to Bridge Nine (thanks again for the hook up, bro) and then the shipping from there to my lovely mittens. I was afraid that it was going to be too small. If it was too big, I could live with it. However, I think it fits deliciously. I love it. I hate that it's getting to warm to wear it. Bring back the snow.

I played the FO set wearing it and I thought I was going to pass out from the heat. I enjoyed playing. First hardcore band to play in Portlaoise, apparently. Pretty big deal. Both Young Wolves and Anderson Mesa's sets were enjoyable. I wasn't into the other two.

After the show, we were loading out the gear into the van and there was a group of men ranging from their early to late thirties(?) standing outside the pub we were parked outside. We got the usual "Play us a song, boys" but I doubt anyone could have predicted what happened next.

They were heading somewhere in a van very similar to ours and decided that they liked the look of ours better and two of them got in and started singing fimilar songs. When they got out they dragged anyone who was already in the van out with them for more singing and a bit of dancing and then the most bizzare party piece I've ever witnessed took place.

One lad gets in the door of the van and shouts KNEES UP! Everyone shouts back KNEES UP! He shouts ARSES OUT! Everyone shouts back ARSES OUT! Then ARMS OUT! to which everyone replies ARMS OUT! Finally THUMBS UP! and so THUMBS UP! I'm not doing this justice but it has to be documented. It's important to mention that everyone was doing the actions that they were shouting before the whole group launched into a jig screaming: A-rue-cha-cha, A-rue-cha-cha, A-rue-cha-cha, A-rue-cha-cha, A-rue-cha-cha! I've never seen anything quite like it. Classic you had to be there moment. Classic you should have been there moment.

After that "spectacle" it was time for pizza. We went to Papa John's, which was attached to a Supermac's. I didn't even think there was any Papa John's in Ireland but there's a few. There's even one in Dublin, but in Tallaght like, fuck that. I'd had Papa John's once before in the States when I went to Six Flags with Panda and two Laura's. That one was an express outlet which wasn't up to much so hopes weren't high entering the Portlaoise branch.

I ordered a pizza with BBQ base, mushrooms, green peppers and fresh tomato. I ordered a meal with wedges and garlic pizza bread. I thought the garlic pizza bread would be similar in size to that which you purchase from Dominos. Wrong. It was bigger than my pizza. I started with the wedges. Wow. Amazing. Srsly. I moved onto my pizza and nearly performed seppuku on myself because my life has been a downhill struggle since I finished it. Magnificent. I had to give three quarters of my garlic bread away to a good home two tables down from us because the experience was so overwelming. Don't worry, they weren't strangers. It was Sos and the boys.

I enjoyed everything about Saturday, February 27th. The trips to and from Portlaoise were enjoyable. Myself and Iano ended up trying to mince eachother on the way back. Tip: If Iano is ever squashing you into a the side of a van, tickle him. It's the ultimate reversal. Playing and watching the bands. Weird oul lads and their singing and PAPA FUCKING JOHN'S.

February 27th was supposed to be the Hatebreed "secret" show. If that had happened my day would have been very different. Iano would have sang in Forced Out down in the PL while I sorted stuff up here and it would have been a crazy night. I'm pretty glad that that show fell through now. Hatebreed can still suck it, though.


  1. Amazing day. The shit those lads were doing outside the van is a country thing, don't worry about it.

  2. You've got to love those green pizzas.

  3. That can be edited. Unlike the Facing EP artwork...