Monday, February 15, 2010


If you're a player in the National Football League, it's all about winning The Lombardi Trophy on Superbowl Sunday. If you're a fan of the National Football League, it's all about the Woolshed on Superbowl Sunday. Don't let the haters/posers fool you, it's the only right way to watch the Superbowl.

Joebreaker was at the Woolshed from before it opened at 11.30, making sure to get a booth with a good view of one of the the giant screens that the Superbowl would be displayed on 12 hours later. Myself and Ciara got there just at the kickoff of the Chelsea - Arsenal. Panda, Zach, Quinners, Darragh and Ian Fox were already there with more on the way. It was going to be a great day which I kicked off with a delicious veggie burger with an fried on egg on it.

Chelsea brushed off Arsenal with ease despite a ropey start. 2 - 0 with the final score. Iano came in during the match, I think. I was in separate booth to Ian Fox which he might have been thankful for if Panda hadn't been doing my job for me by taunting him, constantly. Haha, it was fun to observe.

It was time to put my money where my mouth was. Myself and Panda hit up an internet cafe to place some bets of I made €55 worth of bets. I can't remember all the ones I placed, it must have been about 15 different bets. I bet on the Saints to win, a few first TD scorers, both defenses scoring and many more.

When we got back, I was chatting to different peeps while glancing up at the screen every so often because they were showing Superbowl Stories on ESPN America. As game time got closer, my belly rumbled once again. I shared Nachos with Ciara. So good. I'm not sure whether Zach, Iano and Panda had decided to bail out on the party of the year before or after said Nachos. So either I didn't care because it was their loss and I had just eaten the best Nachos ever or I didn't care because it was their loss and I ordered the best Nachos ever to celebrate my apathy.

But seriously, I was fairly shocked. What a waste of a day. Sean Lugosi had arrived and everything. The party was about to get going and then they just left to go watch it in Kimmage. The only point of sitting in the Woolshed all day is to guarantee a good viewing spot for the Superbowl, otherwise you just sat in the Woolshed all day. Lol. I mainly surprised that Iano left. The other two jabronis hadn't experienced what the Woolshed was like once the opening kickoff had taken place but Iano did.

CiarĂ¡n Parnell came in at some point. It might have even been before Lugosi arrived but I can't remember. Irregardless of the aforementioned memory lapse, the boys were out and it was almost time for kickoff. Then out of nowhere, fucking Carpo. Amazing. Carpo's girlfriend's whole family seemed to come out aswell, it was kind of weird because for awhile I just thought they were over-friendly strangers.

Some girls that had no interest in the Superbowl at all showed up at the booth across from me. I can't put into words how much that pissed me off. Go somewhere else. A different set of girls, who almost got me and Ciara kicked out at half time, were too busy taking picture of themselves for their Facebook to notice that the Superbowl was even happening. I'll get to that later.

Lugosi won a bet on the coin toss being Heads. Incredible. The first half was good. not the greatest half of football I've ever since but the atmosphere in the Woolshed is unbeatable. The Colts were up by 4 points at half time. 10 - 6.

The Who were playing at half-time. No care. The Woolshed were doing a limited food menu until 1am. Yes care. I got Nachos and chips which Lugosi paid for as I'd paid for a pitcher of his earlier. Myself, Ciara and Lugosi sat across from Carpo's mot Sas and some other girl eating away. Lugosi went to the bar to get another pitcher and the next thing I knew the four of us left at the booth were being asked to leave by two bouncers.

I asked why and I was directed to two empty naggin bottles with his finger. I tried to explain to one of them that I don't even drink and me and Ciara had been here since 4pm buying food and drink from the bar but he wasn't having any of it. While this was going on the actual naggin drinkers pants were on fire with the amount of drunken lying they were doing. Claiming that the naggins were there's either instead of claiming responsibility for their fuck up and not getting us kicked out aswell. Carpo got involved, told the bouncer that myself and Ciara had nothing to do with it and that his girlfriend and her friend were the ones that had the naggins. This is what ultimate kept us from being kicked out but it ended Carpo night. He shouldn't have had to be the martyr in the situation. The situation shouldn't have even been a situation. Sas and her friend should have stayed at home. I was serious in the NFL thread about it the next day and judging from Carpo's reply he wasn't impressed and if this pisses him off, that sucks but this is nothing but the truth. Most of my friend drink and most of my friends were well locked by halftime but at least they were there to watch the Superbowl. They drank while they watch the Superbowl. They didn't go out with the sole purpose of getting completely arseways wasted (and believe me, these girls were) and the Superbowl just happened to be on. Fuck that noise. Even if they felt like a little cheap boost of alchol via a glass container, it's called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Naggin not Crouching Tiger, In Full View Of The Staff Naggin. Idiots.

The second half began just as I left the toilets. Couldn't believe they started the second half with an onside kick and actually recovered it. Kendra's husband must be kicking himself over not catching that ball. Between this bold move and going for it on 4th down near the goalline instead of kicking the FG in the second quarter, this game had a real college football feel and that was a good thing.

That was a great way to start the second half and it only got better. Both teams offenses got into their strides and the buzz was in full swing. There was a guy in a Drew Brees jersey and I was grabbing him every opportunity that I got. Lugosi and Chris (how did I almost forget that Chris was there) were diving. It was incredible. One of the best second halves of football I've ever seen with a perfect ending. Manning getting picked off on the Colts favourite 3rd down play. Amazing.

Look at this photo. Manning left on his arse to watch the Superbowl XLIV ring get pulled off his finger late in the 4th quarter. Couldn't have written a better ending. Needless to say, the Woolshed went fucking crazy. Everyone bar Ian Fox and Sarah Quinn lasted until the end. Ciara had a great time and even got her bum felt by a Dublin Rhinos player haha.

I love football, I wish I got into it years and years ago. I'm going to be lost until the pre-season starts up in August.

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