Sunday, February 21, 2010


This baby, right here. I was going to be doing this show anyway and I was very tempted to lobby to do the show on my own but sure, Mark Doyle is in my class so I wanted to get him on board for what I felt couldn't be anything other than a Distinction. We weren't allowed do it as a two man group, though. Zar, who Mark knows a fair bit, also joined our group. The three of us all had previous experience running shows and we are the only group with an International act on their show.

I ended up getting a ridiculously good lineup for this. Downhill pulled out for a stupid reason but the lineup on the day was still strong. Mark was a great help, he helped me out with pretty much everything and did some of the assignment work by himself that he should perhaps have had help with. Zar's role was pretty small. He got a sound engineer and cooked pasta for PBC though and everything helps.

Being the show for my college course, things were a little bit different before the event (the presentation), the day of the event and would be afterwards (we have to write a report) but it was obviously very similar to what I've been doing all along. Pete Holidai, my lecturer for the Event Management, came at about 12.15. By then we'd begun to set everything up and started doing the Health and Safety checklist we were told to do. I reckon I'm going to keep doing this as it's pretty handy just incase something goes wrong. We had to print out set times and display them around the venue which, when I get my printer back up and running, is another thing I'm going to keep doing for All Ages shows at least, as they do go on for quite a chunk of the day.

Pete wasn't there for as long as I thought he'd be and didn't say much about how he felt about how we were going about anything that we were doing. I wasn't really focused on him much though as, first and foremost, I had to make sure that the show went well for Demented on the day.

Polar Bear Club and their tour manager were all great to deal with and were happy with their food and what I'd bought from their rider (just drinks). I didn't buy them alcohol from it because it was an All Ages show but things are working a little differently in The Pint for All Ages shows and I welcome it. People who drink, buy their drink downstairs and bring it upstairs to the show. That's grand and it's obviously the reason why the rental cost is cheaper than any other venue that I've running All Ages shows in. I was saying to Nelly how it was crazy that we used to pay €1200 to get The Voodoo Lounge for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Ridiculous.

Before Pete Holidai left, we had a really good crowd in the door and he left before Anderson Mesa even started to play. Joan, my year head, was due in shortly after he left but didn't arrive until PBC had just began to play. She was much more vocal about how she felt about the show. I was doing the door for most of the day and still was when she came in. She praised the show itself, the turnout and PBC as a band throughout their set to me.

In the end, the show went as smoothly as it can go. The only problem I saw myself was that one of the curtains behind the stage was broken and lighting was a bit of an issue, especially for photography. Well over a hundred people paid in and apart from the people that we playing, the "Moshspace" turnout would be considered low, which I see as a good thing. There were loads of kids there and I hope they come back for Title Fight. The bands all played pretty well, Young Wolves stood out for me because they had a bit of a rough start but seem to be really getting some momentum going. All Ages shows are what these guys need to be playing . PBC said they really enjoyed the show and want to come back again.

It can't really get any better than that. I'm really looking forward to running more All Ages shows this year.


  1. Informative blog related to event management. please keep it up

  2. You did a great job!
    A well deserved Distinction

    ps the less i say the better the grade :)