Saturday, February 13, 2010


I ended up having a lot of fun on February 6th. I didn't think that that was going to happen at all. On February 5th at about 11.30am I got a call from Dylan. It wasn't the greatest call I'd ever received. Not even close.

The show being on in Exchange Dublin was up in the air. Last October, they received a noise complaint and only then was a legal letter issued to the Project Arts Centre, who are on the lease for Exchange Dublin. telling them they don't have planning permission for a venue, which Exchange Dublin is not, it's a social space. Unfortunately, letters like these have to taken very seriously and in the end, the Project Arts Centre made the call to cease all shows in Exchange Dublin while they appeal it through the proper channels. I'm pretty sure that was the situation anyway, it was hard to focus because I was very worried about what was going to happen to the already-rescheduled-due-to-snow Hardcore For Charity #1.

Dylan, Peter Symms and the Projects Arts Centre were able to get a replacement venue on short notice however which saved me the trouble of trying to do that myself at 9pm on Friday night when the official call was made. The show was moved to the basement in Filmbase, across the road from The Button Factory and it ruled.

Despite rescheduling the show originally from Jan 9th to Feb 6th and the late venue (and slight time) change the turnout was great. The venue was great. Tiny low stage in a big room is all that we need to have a good time. In Time are getting better and better with every show. Only thing I'd say it that because Chris moves around so much, it highlights how little any of the other members move. I want to see Hampson jumping off the bass drum. The Blind are getting into a solid rhythm now and Balfey is really coming into his own as a vocalist and has the hottest body in the scene.

It was great to play again. First show of Twenty Ten and we could have been a lot tighter but it was still good fun and we even sold a couple of shirts. It was good to be able to speak my mind again, it's weird but I feel so comfortable speaking my mind where I'm up for so much ridicule than I am in other situations. We only played two songs from the demo and three from the CD that we're almost finished. Balfe sang in Deceit. He sang lines that he wrote himself but it's keeping in with the theme of the song and I think that's pretty fucking sick. Goooooooood dude. Ciara's mum came to see the show and watch Forced Out. I don't think she quite believed what was happening during it and thought it was very "interesting", haha.

Another Day In Hell was incredible. I was having flashbacks to other shows during it and having so much fun. It's weird but a good weird how many lyrics you think you'd forgotten come back to you the moment before they are about to be sung. I wiped out the wrestling gear for the song I was singing with Nelly. I thought it was be good fun and it was. I had no intention of getting changed back into my clothes for the rest of the set but I wasn't expecting them to play it second. I was left ready for the Royal Rumble for much longer than I thought I would be. I regret not wearing my cup so much, my testicles got mangled and it was quite painful.

Myself, Lee Brown and Everyone helped raise €620 for Stewart's Hospital. That's awesome. Hardcore For Charity #2 will hopefully be in April.

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