Thursday, January 14, 2010


It was incredible.

To start the whole thing off, I got a text from BCFE saying it was keeping it's doors closed until at least Thursday. There was also a big fall of snow forecast for Wednesday night. I had an assignment due on Tuesday. I was planning on doing it during the two Wildcard Playoffs games I was least interested in. Suddenly, I was able to sit back, relax and enjoy all four games. Oh yes.

Saturday saw the New York Jets steamroll the Cincinnati Bengals with the run and prove they belong in the playoffs and the Dallas Cowboys crush the Philiadelphia Eagles for the second straight week. I really don't know how Lugosi thought they were the best team in the NFC. At all.

Before the games, I put a few more solid hours into Left 4 Dead 2 with Wez and Meg. Unlocked so many achievements. I'm going to get them all. It's been decided.

Three of the best dudes going. And the girl no-one wants to be.

I didn't think it could get any better, but it very much got better. I got up, donned No.52 and awaited Ravens @ the Pats by playing copious amounts of Gears of War 2. The highlight being a 41 - 4 game.

The Ravens were on at about 6pm. I knew I'd be shouting at the screen for 3 hours. I didn't think I'd be shouting with joy so much, though. Don't get me wrong, I thought they would win but the Patriots were absolutely crushed. Ray Rice running 83 yards for the TD on the first play. I couldn't believe it. It was unbelievable.

Suggs strip sacking Tom Brady, recovering it on New England's first possession and the Ravens adding another touchdown. 14 points in the opening few minutes from a team that struggled to put even a FG on the boards during the regular season. It didn't end there either, 24 - 0 was the score at the end of the first. New England could never recover from their first Quarter destruction. 3 INTs from a struggling Baltimore secondary with a point to prove, an unstoppable running game and Flacco making the plays when he was called upon lead to a 33 - 14 victory over the New England Patriots and another regular season rematch with the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Unless my Parents go out on Saturday night, I'll have to stuff socks in my mouth during that one.

What better way to celebrate the victory than by watching more football. The Arizona Cardinals beat the Green Bay Packers in OT in a ridiculously entertaining shootout that ended 51 - 45. I finished up the weekend playing Gears of War 2 with Lugosi.

Ciara watched her team be crushed by The Ravens. Yeah, she's backing the Patriots now. She seems to be getting pretty into it and is picking up some of the lingo and everything. That's pretty awesome. Ciara and the NFL is a good mix to have around. She's not able for two games in the row, though. Yet.

I went to sleep on Sunday night very happy and comforted in the knowledge that tomorrow I could venture to the Blanchardstown Centre, pick up what I needed for my assignment and then not have to worry about it until Tuesday.

And then the snow began to melt...

I woke up to a text from BCFE. The game had changed and this time they were playing for keeps. Back on Tuesday. FML. Fucking FML. Fuck My Fucking Life. I got up straight away and plodded through the icy slush to get the magazines. It took an age to get there and back again. I wanted to compare Kerrang! and Alternate Press for it. I returned home with Revolver and Terrorizer. Two of the most disgusting publications on the planet.

In the end, I didn't even do the assignment. I had a serious look at it and I wouldn't have had a clue of what I was doing, would have been up until 4am stressing out and then would have probably ended up with a Pass at the end of it. No thank you. I'll begin this next week, by then I'll know what the craic is, do it and then get my Pass because it was handed in late.

Forced Out aren't going to South America anymore. I mean, we were never confirmed but we were working towards a week with Bane in SA. It would have been incredible but unfortunately, it can't happen. It was ridiculously expensive and I would have had to pay for both mine and Gav's ticket but that wasn't the problem. The tour has to be extended to two weeks. I could only do the tour in the first place because it was during my reading week in March. Now I'd be missing a week of classes and the fact is, if I miss more than a couple of days this term, I'll be kicked out. I might be in trouble with the course anyway because I've missed quite a bit of time already but if I do fail, I don't want to have the excuse of being on tour and end up resenting the band because I'm stubborn like that. Someday. Someday.

I went to see Daybreakers with Ciara on Tuesday. Everyone needs to see that film. Don't let the terrible trailer fool you. It's very much worth seeing. So ridiculous. So good. Sam Neill from Jurassic Park!!

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