Friday, January 1, 2010


Looking forward to enjoying 2010. Twenty ten. Don't get me wrong, on the whole 2009 was a great year. Especially for hardcore in Dublin. Shit happened last year and shit's going to happen this year. Might be worse than last year, might not be. Who knows? Nobody does, yet.

I celebrated the New Year in Ciara Donnelly's house. I went over to the Kimmage house early to hang out with the lads before we headed out to the party. Ciara (Mitchell) wouldn't be able to attend due to a prior engagement Fuerteventura. Only bad part of the night apart from when we died at the end boss of the second level in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and were forced to start the entire level again. Ridiculous.

We got the bus to the general area where Ciara lived. We stopped at a shop on the way, where I purchased 3 giant apple turnovers for €2. The last great deal of 09. We arrived at the party a few minutes later. It was great. Broke in the New Year surrounded by my best friends and in a love triangle with PK and Panama. Chanting TWENTY TEN! TWENTY TEN! TWENTY TEN! and most of the bible was hilarious. It snowed so much and we took full advantage. Snowball fights were had. Snow is not as tasty as it looks. I don't know any Taking Back Sunday lyrics but I enjoyed watching so many people singing their hearts out to it in what was the last major activity of my nights partying.

Fairly creepy looking here.

I was staying in Kimmage so I ventured off with the boys and Lee Brown. Panama, Mike and Ben were also there. I was so hungry. I appreciate and respect the Chinese calendar so much now because there was a takeaway open at 4am in Rathmines. Myself, Liamy and the 3 non-Kimmage-staying fellas got 3 in 1s. We took them to go. The other guys left us there, obviously thinking that Liamy could get myself and him home. Bad idea. They shouldn't have left. Liamy ended up having us walking aimlessly, holding out our hands out needlessly trying to hail taxis with the light off. Not a chance they were stopping for us.

We end up walking for over an hour in the freezing snow. Watching cars and people slip and slide all over the road. Liamy fell victim to the harsh ice himself, twice. Somehow, we came to an area that I recognised. Zach Golden's local shop. I was able to ring Iano and get directions from there because he lives quite close. When we got back, it was well after 5.30am. That 3 in 1 tasted so good.

I didn't get up until nearly 3pm expecting to travel home slowly on icy roads via two buses. I'm still in Kimmage. The weather is so bad that there's no buses. So bad that there might not be buses tomorrow or a limited service. Luckily, the viewing of the apartment I had booked for tomorrow is about a 10 minute walk from here. I hope the seller doesn't pull out, even if the roads are bad. I have a good feeling about this apartment and I have a good feeling about twenty ten.

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