Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's been ten days since my last update. I was dreading this update up until Friday night. I was planning on updating on Friday evening. I was thinking about what I was going to write and how I wished the snow had never melted because everything was going so well before it did.

Before the snow melted, I'd handed in all my assignments for college on time, Forced Out were going to South America to tour with Bane in March, Forced Out were going to be doing 4 dates in the UK in February, Forced Out were bringing out a 7 inch and the Ravens were still in the Playoffs.

After the snow melted and because of when it melted, I ended up not doing one of my assignments. None of those things are happening for Forced Out now because of various reasons and the Ravens were eliminated from Superbowl contention by the Colts. I can only get a pass in that assignment now. It's for Media Analysis, a module which I've eliminated myself from a Distiction grade aswell. The South American tour was extended from one week to two because of demand for Bane and we can't do two weeks. Matteo's work load for that tour is now doubled and as a result, he could only afford, time wise, to do one show in the UK. Which we couldn't do because there were only two flights back on the morning of Hardcore For Charity for four people. No 7 inch. I could write ten thousand words about the Ravens game last week but chances are if you're reading this and are interested in the NFL, you've read my post in the NFL Thread on Needless to say, I'm bitterly disappointed but next year will be our year.

I was pretty frustrated and annoyed about the latest piece of bad news, which was about the flights back from the UK on Wednesday night and all through Thursday, which was highlighted by a meeting with my year head at 10am.

Joan pretty much told me I'm a very good student but my attendance just isn't as good as it needs to be. She said she doesn't know how to get me into class at the moment, which is her goal because giving out won't work and my grades are good. She asked me what I wanted from the course. I said I wanted the piece of paper and I wanted to get the Music Management Degree, which involves doing one or two years (my choice) in England. She gave me information on the course. It looks really interesting.

I'd calmed down a bit as Friday began. Got myself into college for my 12pm class, Event Management. The Lecturer, Pete, wanted a commitment from myself about attending his class for the rest of the year or otherwise he wouldn't grade my show, which is a group effort between myself, Mark Doyle and a boy called Zar. I gave the commitment. I want to pass this year and I'm excited that Polar Bear Club will be the show that he grades.

During Thursday and Friday, I got three assignment results which were all Ms. I was feeling pretty good about that. I walked home and logged onto Facebook. No surprises there. Robbie rang me and broke my heart. Ryanair released more seats on the on Saturday morning flight, flying back to Dublin from East Midlands. We'd already told Tom that we couldn't do the show but maybe he hadn't replaced us yet. I told him to ring Gav and see what he said. Before Gav rang me later on, I had remembered my commitment to go to that Friday class for the rest of the year. My heart broke again. Even if we weren't playing, I wanted to go and see Trapped Under Ice and Rise and Fall. I wanted to see Hang The Bastard and Breaking Point aswell. The lineup for the show is too good. I felt rotten and contemplated not even bothering to go out to Fibber's for Joe and Lugosi's Birthday. I was going to stay in and play Xbox and write this entry instead. Then I decided against that, which surprised me.

I couldn't be more glad that I went out. Fibber's was a lot of fun for most of the night and became incredible for the last 45 minutes or so. Everyone knows that I'm no fan of Metal Karaoke but that last 45 minutes was 45 minutes of pure awesome. It almost got going a lot sooner when Pantera - Walk was played. I was down from the cheap seats and on the floor. What a tune. Then Sarah Quinn, the bane of my life, sang Kings of Leon with Nicky. Buzz killed. I suppose I should actually blame Hel for that. You can't follow up Walk with that. You just can't. I returned to my lurking position, talking to some cool dudes and singing along to tunes I was almost embarrassed that I knew the words to. Those last 45 minutes eventually came around. I didn't know this was going to happen. I wasn't prepared. Slipknot, Blink 182, Sum 41, Limp Bizkit, Link Park, Fall Out Boy and Papa Roach were all played, some more than once. I thought I was going to pass out, I'd never taken off my jacket which was such a mistake but the buzz was constant and I was just rolling with it. Simply put, I'd go to MK every week just to sing all those songs in a row, again and again. Throw some Hatebreed in there aswell.

I think I might be going out a bit more in future. Happy.

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