Saturday, January 9, 2010


I actually went to practice on Tuesday. I'd missed three due to sickness and it was good to be back. I'd say we've finished the last song for the 7 inch but in reality, the song might change and we're not doing a 7 inch anymore. We're going to record the 4/5 new songs when we're happy with them with CiarĂ¡n Parnell. Then we might bang all the songs we have on a CD as a physical demo or go very DIY like The Blind did for a self release. It hasn't been fully decided yet.

Gav smashed a cup into a zillion pieces in the practice room. I've never seen Gav do anything aggressive when he wasn't holding an Xbox controller before so I was a bit taken back. He didn't even mean to break the cup which made it hilarious. Oh Gavin, you messer.

We're going to try and go on tour with Famine in June. Johnathan is going to play drums because Adrian will be in America. It'll be pretty epic if it happens. I think Matteo is still trying to get FO on Ieperfest aswell, haha. I'll believe when I read an email confirming it from the agent. It would be the best thing ever, though. Waking up in the campsite and strolling down, grabbing the mic and screaming. A good breakfast.

Ciara came back from Fuerteventura and my Xbox was probably close to overheating with the amount of Gears I was playing so I went over to see her. I'd missed her a lot. I reached her home at about 2.30pm. At 3pm all Dublin Bus routes were stopped. Oh dear, I'd been trapped away from home again. I really didn't expect snow to fall again. College was due to start the next day but classes were of course suspended. I managed to get home on Thursday.

The 37 curtailed route cuts out Blackhorse Avenue. It makes the journey 20 minutes quicker. I hope the snow stays there forever. College said classes would resume today. They were suspended until Monday. I played Xbox all day. Mostly Left 4 Dead 2. Starting to love that game now.

It's supposed to snow again tonight. This and other weather and public transport worries led to myself and Lee Brown having to postpone Hardcore For Charity #1, which was due to take place tomorrow. It sucks because I was really looking forward to playing, seeing the bands and raising some money for Stewart's Hospital but the show will be re-scheduled and it'll assure a better show, bigger turnout and more money being raised.

Both house hunting and Demented have come to a bit of a stand still because of the weather too. Everyone's phone appears to be frozen. I can't get any viewings or book any venues so far in Twenty Ten.

The Playoffs start tomorrow. I'm so excited.

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