Thursday, January 28, 2010


Moshspace turned 4. Delish. Pretty impressive that it's lasted this long, has a decent number of posters and judging from stats, figures, hits etc and of course, the numbers that showed up, a ton of lurkers.

I'm not really going to get into what happened at the start of the night but it was a shambles. Nobody at Exchange Dublin knew there arse from their elbow and the show almost didn't happen because of it. Thankfully, Cormac and Noami had their heads on straight and worked with what they had, got the additional things they needed while the rest of the stage was assembled.

The doors opened about 30 minutes late but we still ended up OK time wise. All the bands played really well, although I've seen Red Enemy tighter but they were still good. Facing opened well, looking forward to that EP. Launch is on Feb 18th in the Twisted Pepper. Young Wolves played the best set I've seen them play so far. People were loving Chewing On Tinfoil as usual and Find A Way's set was nothing short of what everyone's starting to expect, a dive fest. I even got up there a few times. At one point, there had to be more people diving than there was people to catch them.

Unfortuntately, due to the events that happened before the show, I had to pull Polar Bear Club from the venue. PBC will now be on in The Pint on Eden Quay. It had to be done. This is my college show and it will be attended by my year head and a lecturer. If they'd seen what happened before this show, it would have looked very bad on me and Mark. In saying that, Exchange Dublin admitted their short comings and are changing the way they handle and book shows. I've got Hardcore For Charity in there on Saturday Feb 6th so we'll see how that one goes.

I'll have to do something really special for's 5th Birthday. Big deal.

This is so good. I can't believe how much I like it. Myself and Ciara played it loads on Saturday night and most of Sunday too. I'm currently the Champion. I plan to stay the Champion. I will not be beaten.


  1. I'm currently the Champion. I plan to stay the Champion. I will not be beaten.

    fucking jesus