Monday, January 4, 2010


I got home yesterday after viewing the apartment. Thanks to Liamy, Iano, Nelly and Panda for letting me stay with them for 2 and half days. Thanks to Glenn for leaving his room open, his bed is very comfortable. I recovered my Gamertag on the downstairs Xbox and was able to get some good games of Gears in the early hours of Saturday morning and again when I woke up.

I stayed there until the viewing. Joe Panama didn't want to travel out. King came out and we walked down to the Lower Kimmage Rd with Liamy. The seller was late. He actually forgot about the viewing. Luckily, he lived very near so he came down. The apartment is above a furniture store, which he either owns or is at least entrusted with keys as he had to open it up to get the keys for the apartment.

It was so nice to see some red carpet as the door opened and not the pale off-green hard floor we were greeted with in Ravensdale. I really like the apartment. Liamy liked it. I think PK really liked it too. It's small. It is a flat afterall. The bathroom is really nice and shower is electric. The heating is gas. The sitting room/kitchen is grand with nice couches. The rooms are the only slightly bad side. They're a little small for all of us but I think it's because we were so spoiled in The Local. They can all fit desks in them though and I'm sure we'll be hanging out in the sitting room watching Green Wing most of time anyway.

Other advantages of 189 Lower Kimmage Rd is a bus stop about 8 seconds from our front door. Shop about 10 seconds away, one that's open 24 hours about 4 minutes away. Superquinn, Post Office and Xtravision all a minute away. The Hardcore Hotel is 5 minutes away. Zach Golden is about 15 minutes away too.

Tomorrow we're making an offer. We'd love to get it for €800 a month but we'll still take it for €850. I really hope we get it. I got such a vibe from the place. It was a good vibe.

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