Saturday, January 30, 2010


I haven't done that much at all this week except for playing Gears of War 2. It's good that some things never change. The game is still incredible. I'm glad to have Lugosi and Wez to play along side with while everyone else plays MW2. Rumours of Gears 3 being announced on Feb 12th at the X event has me pretty excited and confirming how sad I am. NB: I think Marcus and Dom being in Lost Planet 2 is stupid as fuck. I've been lurking, and even doing a little posting on the Official Gears forum. It's mostly bitching about "two piecing" and "chainsaw n00bz" but I managed to get a twitter style thread title changed from Gears of Twitter to Tweets of War. Much better name.

The best.

I've nearly caught up with House. Last night I watch Season 6 Episode 7. It's a great show but to be honest, I'll be glad to catch up and be able to follow it week by week like I with Friday Night Lights. I think the next show I'm going to target is How I Met Your Mother. Any time I've watched a random episode it's been good viewing and it's a little lighter than House. I completely forgot about Modern Family. I should catch up on that too.

I finally finalised Polar Bear Club. Here's the flyer.

It's a good and busy time for Demented. I'm in the process of organising a lot of shows. However, theres not that much hardcore in there, not that I haven't tried. I've thrown my hat in the ring for a lot of hardcore touring bands in the last couple of weeks so I hope that something comes of it.

I'm going to try and bring back Demented Fest this year with the help of Lugosi. Excited for it. Demented Fest 2008 was a lot of fun to do.

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