Monday, December 28, 2009


Dear Migranes,

Please fuck off.

Yours Sincerely,
Mac Kell.

I woke up on Christmas morning at 7am with a really bad migrane. I had been having headaches on Christmas Eve and the day before but I wouldn't have classed them as migranes. This was a migrane. I took medicine and went back to sleep. Mum and Dad said they wanted to wait until about 11.30am before opening presents, so I had my alarm set for then. Mum woke me at 10 saying they were all set to begin ripping the paper off boxes. I could have used those extra minutes but my migrane was gone so I ventured down the stairs.

I got the 3 games that I bought from Lugosi the previous Saturday, of course. Left 4 Dead 2, Saw and Borderlands. I had already gotten the delicious TV aswell, so I wasn't expecting more than socks and pjs. I got both those. I got 10 pairs of socks and probably close to 10 pairs of pj bottoms. Pretty good. I also got 300 euro towards my trip to South America in March. Delish. But then, the most of the most. A toasted sandwich maker. Incredible. So happy with that.

Dad liked the CD as much as anyone can like getting a single CD from someone for Christmas could. Mum loved the frame. Loved it. A successful year of present buying by myself. Proud.

Not too long after the presents, a migrane loomed. More medicine and bed until the guests arrived. Grandad, Aunty Vivienne and Uncle Thomas. I don't actually remember Grandad's name right now. Oh dear. I got money from them, which is what I wanted so I was very happy with that. No dodgy vouchers to Golden Discs. Phew.

We all had Christmas dinner together shortly after. I had Nutroast again but it was a different one this year and wasn't great. I filled up on potatoes, stuffing and carrots covered in bread sauce though, so it was grand.

Later on, I played some Left 4 Dead 2 with Gav. It's pretty different to the first one. Way different than the demo suggested. The finales seem like they are more fun. But with 4 human players. The AI doesn't work correctly in those situations. We played the Dead Center campaign. In the finale you have to fill a display car was gas from tanks littered around an area in the mall. They are stacked in twos and as you near that stack, loads of zombies come at you. The smart thing to do is to go to each stack in a team of 4, kill zombies, 2 pick up the tanks and are escorted by the other 2 back to the car. You can't do this with the AI and that sucks.

There is also a ridiculous amount of special infected. The Chargers are the most annoying enemies put into video games in a long time. It's cool that there are more and different special infected in this game but I wish they came as frequently as they did in the first game and not every 5 seconds and in such numbers like they do in this.

Still though, it's going to be class when Wez eventually buys it. Buy it Wez. Just fucking buy it.

On St. Stephen's Day I was supposed to go down to Louth to see the same people who came up on Christmas Day plus Uncle Raymond, his wife and my 3 cousins. This is all Mum's side of the family. There's not much contact with Dad's side. Even by him.

I couldn't go though, because I woke up with a migrane and it wouldn't shift before the rents had to leave. So I waited and drifted in and out of sleep until it went. Then I played Dragon Age. Wow. This game is so good. I also finished Resident Evil 5 with Sam and watched a few episodes of House.

Good haul and good few days bar the migranes.

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