Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm seriously looking forward to Friday, for three main reasons.

-As I've mentioned before, Rhythm To The Madness and Madball will be the 49th and 50th touring band that Demented has put on in under 4 years. I actually can't believe that something that started off as a once off show on February 14th 2006 turned into this.

-It will have been 86 days since the last show Forced Out played. We took some time off from shows to write some new songs. 86 days of build up. Too long. I know that the rest of the boys are looking forward to playing aswell. We'll be playing 4 songs from the 7 inch. We've already played Deceit once and Questions a couple of times, even though it's been changed dramatically, before. We're going to play a song called Listen which leads directly into another song called Ghost. We're going to play a few from the demo too, which I'm sure everyone has forgotten by now.

Here's the lyrics for the new songs:


Embrace your anger, embrace your fears, those are the only emotions that never truely disappear. I can never, I will never return to your so called "normality", happiness is just a temporary distraction from reality.


If anyone here is thinking of giving up hope, please give it to me because I just can't cope. It feels like everyone else is moving on and I'm left standing still, wondering where everyone's gone. I beg of you please don't look into these eyes. I don't you to see what's behind this guise. It's all been an illusion, these sockets are hallow. I've been lying to everyone that I know. I'm blind to facts that are indisputable. Passing off people's views as inscrutable. I'm dead inside, I show emotions I think I should feel. Sometimes I can't even tell what's real. Everything I just can't have is everything I've ever wanted. I don't feel in control, this corpse is haunted.

-Famine and Frustration are playing. The two best bands in Dublin.

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