Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This took so long to come from and it was a major let down, bar the 10 easy achievement for 1000 Gs of course. I know it's a kids game but I expected it to be good enough to have a couple of laughs with but it really isn't. It looks like a PS1 game for starters and then it doesn't actually matter what team you pick because you can fill your team with anyone. The only Ravens player in the game is Ray Lewis. I had Tom Brady as QB and Larry Fitzgerald as WR. Mental. Dissapionting.

I saw these in Tesco about a week ago. Mashed potatoes are delish. The thought of being able to just put the contents of this bag in the microwave from frozen and have scrumshus mash 5 minutes later made my mouth water. They were shite. The Quorn mince and onion pie and onion rings were tasty.

After dinner I was supposed to play Special Ops on Modern Warfare 2 with Dave. We couldn't join eachothers games, parties or even the never used chat system. Terrible. I usually have a little trouble connecting with the Doyle boys for online shenanigans but never that bad.

Ah well. Should probably clean my bomb site of a room now.

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