Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Fuck me. Fuck. Fuck. Me. Friday December 11th is not a day that I'll be quick to forget.

It started from 5.45am when Robbie and Claire called to my house. I was feeling so sick. I tried to get to sleep early that night because of the long day I had ahead of me. I was in bed before the clock struck 12. The lights were off before 12.30am. I couldn't fall asleep. I lay awake in my bed for what seemed like 3 hours. My phone told me that it was actually 20 minutes. I continued trying to sleep until I accepted that it wasn't happening at 2.45am. I went downstairs to get some cereal and turn on the water for a shower. Joe Panama was up visiting the W.C. We ended up getting ice cream from the garage and watched two amazing episodes of Green Wing. Joe went to bed, I had a shower and waited for Robbie and Claire to call.

Claire dropped myself and Robbie to the airport. A lovely thing to do. We were waiting for Rhythm To The Madness. They arrived on time and we got the 16A to Iano/Nelly/Panda/Liamy/Glenn's house. The bus doesn't go directly to their house, not even the usual bus stop. There was a bit of walking involved but I was OK with that. RTTM went to town to explore. I went to explore Panda's room and find his bed for a couple of hours sleep. I felt worse when I woke up but I know that it did me the world of good.

Myself, Robbie, Iano and Glenn got a taxi to Fibbers with RTTM's merch and all our stuff for about 2pm. Madball were due in at 3pm so Robbie and I went to Tesco to get their rider. It proved too much for myself and Robbie to handle so Glenn came and helped us carry it back. 3pm and came and went, no Madball. 4pm arrived along with Jean Claude and access to the dressing room, no Madball. I set their room up. It was looking delish, if I say so myself. I took a picture of it.

I can't connect my phone to my Mac. The Bluetooth and Multimedia messaging don't seem to be working right now. I should have gotten an iPhone. Anyway, in the room was the following: 36 bottles of Carlsberg, 1/2 bottle of Paddy's whiskey, 1 litre bottle of vodka, 8 Red Bull (4 sugar, 4 sugar-free), 8 Lucozade Sport, 18 bags of Walker's crisps, 2 tubes of Pringles, Maryland cookies, 2 packs of Hobnobs, 9 two litre bottles of water, 6 cans of Coke, 6 cans of Diet Coke, 6 cans of Fanta and 6 cans of Sprite. We didn't even get everything on the rider.

EDIT: Thanks Panda.

5pm didn't bring the arrival of Madball either and I was starting to get a little worried. When I say a little worried, I mean that I was about to lose my fucking mind. I was already stressed to bits about the night and having this worry was just too much. The rest of the gear arrived. Madball wanted a sound check for an hour and a half, which couldn't happen now and were supposed to check first. We had to go ahead and check all the other gear first and have RTTM sound check. While that was going on, Madball arrived. Phew!

They knew they wouldn't be able to have such a long soundcheck and were cool with that. Great. The tour manager, Simon was nice enough but seemed fairly stressed out. It was good for me to see someone who was more stressed out than me. It calmed me down a fair bit. I was also calming down because we were over an hour from the advertised door time and there were already people coming for the show. I actually started doing the door from 6.30pm until 7pm, when the woman doing the door came in, because there were so many people coming in.

Forced Out played at 8.30pm. We played to a lot more people than I thought we would. A fair few people came out early to check out the other bands and that's always great. I thought the rest of the guys played so well considering we hadn't played a show in about 3 months. I was sad that I couldn't move around more. Yeah, I was sick. Yeah, I was really sick. I wished I could have given a bit more, though. I didn't feel that I let me being sick get in the way though. I had a great time playing and gave what I could. When we finished playing I thought I was going to get sick and knowing the toilets would be jammers I went to go outside. I didn't throw up in the end, just needed the air. On my way out, I was recieving pats on the back and "well done", "that was great man" and "fair play" etc etc from people I'd never seen before and some people who hadn't seen us in awhile. That's a good sign. I actually even heard "Shame they're a Straight Edge band" as I went up the step. That's real.

When I came back in, I found Ciara to introduce her to the rents. They really like her. They said they got a good vibe. Ciara was pretty nervous and actually accidently blurted out "I'm really nervous" to Mum, haha. The meeting went pretty much how they always go and was brief which is how long it needed to be. I'm really glad they've met her now.

I was fairly worse for wear. Needed sugar. Waited ages at the bar for a Club Orange and headed down to watch Frustration who'd already started. I started to get involved and slipped face first on my dick. I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep up with DHC in the pit tonight so I sang along at the front, but to the side. They played really well. Famine killed it too. I only heard the second new song that they played but if the first was even half as good as it then it's a tune. Looking forward to that 7 inch and guilting them into giving me a test press.

I didn't get to watch much of RTTM because I was all over the place. I felt sorry for them that the bass drum skin broke. At least it was near the end of their set rather than the start. They didn't seem to go down very well but I really like them and I'm hoping I can go and see their last show in February.

Adrian Dunne. The thief. Haha. He took one of Madball's cymbals of their drumkit's stand thinking that it was the crash he'd just lent to Rhythm To The Madness. He was wrong. The problem was sorted out. I was getting a bit of hassle from the Tour Manager and so forth but it was no big deal.

This was the only sour bit of an excellent night. Upon recieving the crash back, the Madball drummer, well the Throwdown drummer playing with Madball, with a huge smile on his face, was saying how Adrian was lucky because he was about to start "smashing people" and then I would have gotten the worst of it. He was going to "smash" me over a cymbal, really?! I suppose the fact that he was saying it in the way that he did meant that he wouldn't have but I wish I was able to just tell him to piss off. The only reason I didn't was for fear that when I was gone later that he might "smash" everything in the dressing room or "smash" things on stage and that would cost me a lot of money. I was pretty shocked by this and I'm wondering what kind of fight would have broken out if he'd started "smashing" people and how famous we'd all be on the b9.

Madball brought it. Set was pretty instense. 286 people paid in. New Demented record. After the show, I dealt with all the money with the Tour Manager. He was very happy with the show and said it was the best promoted show of the whole tour. I paid up. Paid the bands. Gave Jean Claude a bit extra. Gave Robbie some money as a thank you for all the help he's given me over the past few months. Treated myself to a taxi home and I had the best sleep I've had a long time.

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