Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm doing my Marketing Assignment at the moment. For the purposes of the assignment a company named Real Value Events have hired me to design and market an event. I'm writing it in such a way that I might get as many marks as possible but this has scared me a little bit. I've set Title Fight on March 8th as being the first RVE event. The rest of what is written is fictional. There's no venue yet and the only support so far is Find A Way and Basement (UK). To be honest, I don't think I'm going to do very well in this assignment but this is the first page, in which I'm "designing" the event.

"For Real Value Events (RVE) first event, I have chosen to bring over an upcoming Pop Punk/Hardcore band called Title Fight from the US. The event will take place on Sunday, March 8th 2010. The band is on tour in Europe at the time with two other Pop Punk bands. RVE will only bringing Title Fight over. I feel that all 3 bands will bring in the same kind of crowd and similar numbers. In picking the most popular band from the tour we cut down our catering, accomadation and transport by two thirds and don’t incur the cost of bringing the whole tour to Ireland.

Title Fight will play in a newly opening venue/community centre called Exchange Dublin. Exchange Dublin is located in Temple Bar. The venue cost is very cheap and has no bar so the event will be All Ages. Exchange Dublin is actively commited to putting on gigs and plays for a low cost and has recieved a lot of press because of it. Starting out using Exchange Dublin will no doubt get the event some extra press which will only help us sell out the event.

For support we are looking to the local Dublin (and surrounding areas) music scene. There are quite a lot of pop punk and hardcore bands playing in Dublin right now with high standards of musicianship. The bands that have a large following will be paid a small amount while the smaller bands will be given tickets to sell before they would recieve any payment. These bands would love to play with Title Fight so getting support wasn’t be a problem.

The bands that will support Title Fight will be: Find A Way, Young Wolves, Anderson Mesa, Chewing On Tinfoil and Frustration."


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