Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I very much dislike the Juggernaut in Modern Warfare 2. It took myself and Wez quite awhile to complete Snatch & Grab in Special Ops today. We could kill the first Juggernaut and retrieve the Intel, kill the second Juggernaut across from us on the hill but when two Juggernauts would spawn behind us when we were near the end, it was soul crushing. When we eventually killed those two after retry after retry, another one spawned. We both just ran, hoping we'd get to the green smoke before one of us was downed. We made it. I'm dreading Echo, which I just unlocked today. They're all to do with Juggernauts. I really want to get 1000/1000 in this game actually. After I finish Special Ops I'm going to do the campaign again on Veteran and then finish whatever I have left.

I actually have so many games that I could have 1000/1000 in if I just took the time to do them. Lego Star Wars, Assassin's Creed 1, Spyro The Dragon, CSI and Wolverine to name a few off top of my head. Completing the first three would get me a few euro off a new game. I won't let myself trade in a game until it's 1000/1000 and there's no more DLC coming out for it. Completing the last two will get me back my copies of Bioshock, which I haven't started, from Panda and Left For Dead 1, which I want to get the Crash Course DLC for, from Wez.

I'm going home for the week of Christmas and I'm bringing my Xbox. I think I'm just going to take games I want to finish off and play them for the week until Christmas Day rolls around and I get a couple of new ones to play with.

I asked Ciara for Dragon Age for Christmas. I was worried that asking for a €55 game was too much but she seemed fine with it. For the record she asked me to tell her what I wanted, I didn't just demand this particular gift out of the blue. Everytime I asked her what she wants she says that she wants nothing. Awh, what a dickhead. She finally gave me something to go on on the bus today. I didn't think she would be hard to buy for but I was struggling. I have a few of my own ideas too though, so we'll see if it's the perfect Christmas or if I'm single before the New Year.

I finished my Marketing Assignment but I was still feeling really ill this morning. I checked if Joebreaker was in the house and was heading into college. He was. I gave him my assignment to hand into the staff room. It was nicely printed and presented in a green pocket folder. He forgot to take it with him.... Luckily, I covered my bases. I had emailed the assignment to Mark Doyle who printed it out in the college and handed it to the lecturer. Thanks Mark.

I started feeling better as the day went on and decided I was well enough to go see Paranormal Activity with Ciara in the IMC in Dun Lalalala for €4.50. We saw Robbie there. He even sold us our tickets.

I thought it was really good. It was really creepy and it ended differently to how I thought it would. Well, I didn't really know how it would end but the ending wasn't what I expected. I think Ciara was disappionted with it. Next week I'd like to see 2012.

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