Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sunday had a lot of ups and one major down. Ciara stayed over for the first and maybe last time in Castleknock. Not because she is a horrible person and my parents hate her or anything, just because I don't plan to be there very long. I miss not living at home and just visiting.

Ciara was really late. Kind of misleadingly late. That's probably the wrong way to describe it but the kind of late where you think they'll show up any minute so you don't want to get into anything too heavy. If I'd known she'd be about 4 hours late, I'd have played some more Dragon Age. That girl loves a good sleep, followed by a good lie in, followed by falling back into a deep sleep.

Sky Player. What an addition it is to Xbox. Previously I'd only ever watched live football or NFL games on it but last night we watched 3 films on the Sky Movies "On Demand" service. I don't know if it's called that but basically there's about 200 or so movies ready to stream at anytime for free and the selection changes every so often. Brilliant. Saw 4, Saw 5 and Angus: Thongs and Perfect Snogging were the films of choice. Saw 4 was a lot better than I remembered. I really enjoyed it. Saw 5. Total shit. It was pretty much a "previously on Saw..." and I get why they did it but I don't get why they made the whole story so complicated that they then needed to do it. A:TPS (A:TAPS?) was actually better than Saw 5 which is a testament to how bad Saw 5 was as opposed to how good the oddball English comedy was but it had a few moments. The night left me eager to see Saw 6 soon. Gavin Parnell tells me it's more straight forward than 4 and 5 and I welcome that with open arms.

This is incredible. I was just searching for a picture of the Saw Doll to put in because I don't really like when I post blogs without any pictures. The endless text looks shit but at least I use paragraphs, I suppose.

The downer of the day came in the form of the Baltimore Ravens and their match against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Oh dear. We had them right where we wanted them. After an average first half against a far from average team, we came out in the 3rd Quarter 20 - 10 down. We played an incredible 3rd Quarter and tied the game at 20 - 20 when Foxworth got the INT on Burgerking and took it to the house for a TD. Except that it was called back for an illegal block in the back by Suggs. No score. We ended up having to settle for a FG.

Then Willis McGahee takes it into the endzone at the very end of the 3rd Q but it's called back for Holding by Washington and it was away from the play. At the very start of the final Quarter, Derrick Mason is wide open and thrown a perfect ball from Flacco for him to catch in the corner of the endzone and doesn't make the catch. He let it bounce off his facemask. Couldn't believe it. On the same drive the Ravens back themselves out of FG range with ridiculously easily avoidable penalties and the game is still tied at 20 a piece. The Steelers get a FG on their drive and are up by 3 with little time left. Flacco gets sacked twice in a row on the next possession and loses the ball, seemingly ending the Ravens chances of winning.

I was watching this game via a stream online. The person in control of the streaming TV then CHANGED THE FUCKING CHANNEL! I was roaring at the laptop and went straight onto NFL.com to get play by play calls on the rest of the game. I think of I had seen what happened next, I may have either broken my Mac screen in half or punched Ciara straight in the face so I'm kind of glad I didn't. Big Ben was PICKED and the ball was returned to the Pittsburgh 42 yard line. 15 yards out of easy FG range. The play was called back for an Illegal Contact penalty and the Steelers kneeled for the win. Unbelievable.

You can watch the Ravens self destruct here.

We're so lucky that Jacksonville lost because we're still in control of own own destiny entering the final week against Oakland. If we win, we're in.

Catch the ball you Special.

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