Monday, December 21, 2009


I don't have swine flu. That's for sure. I have a chest infection which is what I reckoned I had all along. I only went to the doctor today. I was supposed to go in today without an appiontment in Castleknock and wait to see if someone didn't show up. Thankfully, I didn't have to do that.

I spent Saturday and Sunday night in Ciara's house. We went Claire's 21st on Saturday night. Well, the first part of it. Ciara's Mum really didn't think we should be going out and specifically looked at me when she said we should come home as early as possible. That felt weird. She must have known that Ciara would have felt the urge to continue on the party in town, despite being pretty ill. This is what happened but I convinced her the best thing was to go home and soon after we got on the Luas, she thanked me for it. I wish we both weren't sick and could have gone out. Actually, no. I really wish the party had just stayed in Claire's house. That was loads of fun. Had a particularly good time with Liamy. I've gotten on so well with him since I first met him. I usually dislike new people, heavily. I remember that I thought Zach Golden was the biggest plonker on earth before he came one of my best friends. Anyway, IIIIIIIII DON'T NEED THAT SHHHHHHEHYEAHIIIIIIITTTYEAHHHHHHTTTTTTT!!!!! and Liamy is the man.

Spent all day Sunday watching football, the NFL and fixing Ciara's internet on her laptop. Chelsea draw was surprising. Surprising in that, we could have easily lost. The penalty we recieved wasn't a penalty at all. We should have had two in the first half, though. Really should have. Making Lampard take it three times was fucking ridiculous aswell. Fair play to him for putting all three past the keeper.

The NFL was so good yesterday. The two games on Sky Sports were so good. The Ravens improved to 8 - 6 by hammering the Bears 31 - 7. Dolphins, Jags and Broncos all lost putting Baltimore into the 5th seed for the playoffs if the season ended today. The Bengals also lost, leaving the slight chance of still winning the AFC North Division open. Only thing that didn't go our way was The Steelers winning. Putting them at 7 - 7 along with the rest of the world and still in the hunt for a playoff spot as the two teams clash next Sunday. If the Ravens can beat them and then The Radiers the following week then we'll finish with the 5th seed in the playoffs no matter what any other teams do. WE ARE IN CHARGE OF OUR OWN DESTINY.

Fixing Ciara's internet involved pressing the F2 button and nothing else. Whoever made the F2 button the wireless on/off button on her laptop is an idiot. Ciara isn't much better for not knowing that when her Mum can still get on the internet when she can't, that the internet is working fine and it's something to do with her laptap. Also RTFM.

I ended up going to the doctor in Foxrock. I was getting ready to head back to Castleknock to wait on a cancellation when Ciara's Mum came home from work early to take Ciara to her GP. She said I'd be seen if I went with them, so I did. I was seen and I got my sick note for college, which is what I really wanted. The doctor told me to get some trousers and to try and lose 2 stone in the next 6 months. He was a blunt man and I liked that.

I came home today to an early Christmas present. My parents got me a 26" Widescreen HDTV for when I'm visting the house. Pretty incredible. I set it up to start playing some much needed Xmas Xbox but it's broken. It just doesn't turn on, haha. I'll go down to Harvey Norman with Dad tomorrow and replace it. It looks pretty sweet. Hopefully the picture quality is decent on the working one.


  1. You're such a responsible boyfriend. F2 is the standard for wireless on/off. It's like that on my laptop.

  2. Never been like that on any of my Windows based machines. It's silly, regardless.