Wednesday, December 30, 2009


On December 28th 2009, I moved out of The Local with help from Casey and Ciara. I didn't even know Casey was back in the country and I was in such a jam and he sorted me out big style. He is a hero and is too good for Sweden. He even picked me up from my house in the morning. The truest gent. He also didn't shout or beat the living shit out of me when after taking the wrong exit on the M50, twice, and almost finally arriving at our destintation I revealed that I had forgotten the keys. Haha, oh dear.

Living out in Ballybrack has most def affected my college attendence this year. It is too far out but I'm really going to miss it. I had some of the best times and I had some of the worst times and I wouldn't trade any of them. I made two really really great friends in Joe Panama and Pussy King. I'm glad that we're trying to get another house or apartment together. I don't know if myself and Ciara would have ever started hanging out and eventually gotten together if I didn't live there. It was such a good experience to have some incredible bands filled with nice people stay in the house aswell and I hope that we can do that again soon.

Yesterday, the search for a new home began. Myself, Joe and King looked at a flat in Ravensdale Park. We'd be about 10 - 15 minutes walk from the Hardcore Hotel and it's close to town. It was shite. Really shite. Even at the really cheap rent, it wasn't worth it. To combat the sense of defeat that we all felt we went to see Sherlock Holmes in Cineworld. It was enjoyable. After that, I had a veggie burger in the Woolshed with a fried egg in it. Amazing. Joe went to see Avatar again with a "friend" so the King and I, oh, went bargain hunting for games. The sales weren't great at all. Didn't get anything. It was really good to chill with the boys again, it had been too long.

I've set up another viewing for this place on Saturday at 6pm. It's really close to the boys aswell. It looks much nicer than the Ravensdale flat but is really stretching what we can afford. We'll be hoping to knock between 50 - 100 euro off the asking price if we can. Pictures look nice but no pictures of the bedrooms is worrying as it was the same story with Ravensdale and the bedrooms were piss poor there.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve at Ciara Donnelly's house. I'll be wearing jeans. Prepare yourself.

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