Friday, December 18, 2009


I was supposed to come back to spend Christmas with Mum and Dad on Monday. I got Dad to collect me from The Local earlier today because I'm sick of being sick. It's been eons since I was this sick. I brought the Xbox but I forgot the power cable, oh dear. I'll have to go back tomorrow and get it. I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow aswell if Mum can get me an appiontment. She reckons I might have swine flu. Thanks Ciara.

My MMS starting working on my phone again. I sent that photo of Madball's rider to Panda and he uploaded it for me and emailed it on. I edited the picture into the that blog but here it is again:

I made a mistake getting the Nokia n97. The software is terrible. It's slow and unresponsive after less than 3 months. Panda has experienced different problems to me aswell and is returning his. I bought mine from eBay so I can't do that. I'm going to suffer through exposing the keyboard everytime I want to check a text until I can afford an iPhone or steal Glenn's one.

We went to see that house I mentioned before on Monday. Well, duplex apartment. It was lovely. Really lovely and I don't think we're going to get it and that makes me pretty sad. It felt like a home. Carpet, not wood. Balcony. We would have a stoop. Bigger room for me too. We offered 1100 a month and they aren't taking it. Shame. We'll have to keep looking.

Trash Talk was on Wednesday. I had been to college on Monday and Tuesday but I was still pretty sick. It was really bad on Wednesday but I had a show to run. I had a lot of help from Crowd Control on this one, props to them. With Madball being the priority I had forgotten that gear could be an issue for the show with The Blind and In The Rain not having much gear between them at all. I had Derry booked for driving though and most of the gear was taken from the practice room.

Exchange Dublin is a great venue. Right now, they don't have it fully soundproofed so the shows are a little quieter than we're all used to but that's being addressed very soon and I don't mind running shows there until that happens because Exchange Dublin is still a work in progress and probably always will be. Soon it will have it's own backline aswell.

The show was great. Really great. For a Wednesday night, during exam time and with so many people sick, it was pretty full. I broke even. Exactly even. The show started later than I will normally be starting them because Dave from In The Rain had an exam. Normally I would have just put The Blind on first but because I knew all the sets would be relatively short, I didn't.

Everyone from Trash Talk was a pleasure to deal with and talk to. They want to come back in May. They said that Dublin, Ireland will be on their next Euro tour without doubt. They loved it. Dublin loved it. The set was pretty insane. My heart was in my mouth at one point though. At pretty much the last second of the last song, the singer flipped off the speaker and I seriously thought he put a hole in the wall. It turns out that he just kicked the bathroom door open. Phew, haha.

After the show I got a 3 in 1 in Charlie's with Ciara and Panama and struggled home. I mean struggled. I was feeling so weak that I could barely walk. It took so long to get back from the bus stop to The Local. Straight to bed. I spent Thursday in bed. Ciara came over and took really good care of me. We watched Saw 3 and ate mince pies and Doritos with hot dip. She brought and made me max strength lemsip.

I have all my Christmas shopping done. I got it done on Monday. I got a Waterford Crystal photo frame for Mum, eBay gold. I got the latest Andrea Bocelli CD for Dad. It cost considerbly less than the photo frame but CDs are pretty much all you can buy for him and he's selective about the music he listens to, so I wasn't gambling. I got Ciara's stuff too. I'm obviously not posting what I got her here because she's the only person that reads this.

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