Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Another blog. It's been awhile since I deleted the other one. Can't remember what the last entry was about. Something boring probably, much like this one will be. I don't think I lead a particularly exciting or interesting life which is a shame because the only reason people read blogs is because they are bored and want to be entertained.

I just finished watching the France - Ireland match. I've never been Ireland's biggest fan. I didn't watch most of the campaign's games live because I never thought Ireland had a chance to get into the World Cup. Given Ireland's past record of getting into major competitions, you can't really blame me.

When Ireland lost 1 - 0 in Croke Park on Saturday, I expected it. It was such a trek and a chore to watch the second leg because of Sky Player not letting me watch the match and not being nice to Macs but I got the whole of the second half in the end. I was surprised when GoalsLive told me that Robbie Keane had scored so I was very interested in how it was all going to play out. Henry was very bold in the end but sure, if I was a relatively handsome French forward I would have done the same. France got the job done, by hook or crook they are in the World Cup and Ireland are left with nothing to look forward to but a couple of trips to Limerick for friendlies.

It has to be said, that I was wrong about Ireland this time round. I said that Ireland wouldn't be good enough to get into the World Cup this year and in reality, they were. Should have won the match. Really should have. Don't think I've ever watched an Ireland match or highlights and said that. Only thing is though, if Ireland could play against the weaker teams in the qualifying stages like they do against the likes of Italy and France then I don't think we'd ever get ourselves in these messes. It just seems that most of the time the lads are playing the match because there's nothing on TV that night or the wags are on the rag. They're not arsed.

I got a flashback during the match, when Ireland were ahead, of when I was younger and Ireland were in World Cup 2002. I was 15/16 then. BBQs in different neighbours houses. Eating ridiculous amounts of sausages and burgers and waiting for the adults to get a little tipsy and take their eyes off the beer fridge. How things change.

I'm back in Castleknock at the moment. Heading back to Ballybrack tomorrow. I simply ran out of money. Going to Boston and then London in the same month wasn't financial smart but I don't regret it. October (and actually the days leading up to it) was the best month I've had in a long time and was needed after the few bad ones I'd had. It's made for a pretty difficult November but I've still been having a good time. I'm back in the black this coming Friday so that's good. I owe Parnell, Lugosi, Joebreaker and Dad some cash though so December is still going to be tight, I can't afford to lose money on Madball or Trash Talk for sure.

I didn't run any shows in October or November and I really missed it. In truth, I missed a couple of shows that my friends and others were running aswell, I fell off the radar for a little bit but I feel I needed that. I was burnt out and while I was glad of the break, I'm really stoked on December and 2010. I'm currently working on 9 shows including the ones people know about. One is as far away as July.

Madball will be the 50th touring band I've put on in under 4 years of running Demented with the awesome people who have and continue to help me. I'm pretty proud of that.

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