Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ciara is a flicker. I hate flickers. Why do people flick around the channels when there's ads on in the programme that they're interested in watching? You run the risk of missing valuable seconds of said programme and a lot of channels have ad breaks at about the same time anyway.

Ciara was flicking late on Monday night and I spotted a programme called PlayTV on TV3. I thought it was a show about games that's on Bravo sometimes. It wasn't. It was one of those phone-in quiz shows that dominate the lower tier channels. The prize was €3oo and the challenge was to get 3 countries out of 3 jumbled words. 1 country from each word. Now, I kind of thought I knew the first one but didn't say it, Ciara got all three fairly quickly. €300 in the bank? Not a soul had rung up yet to try and answer. The presenter was asking if anyone knew the answer to please ring in and win €300. Ciara wasn't bothered to ring in but I wanted €300. After a long and frustrating search for her house phone, I was ready to win.

Firstly, I rang up and was told to dial 142 in front of the number because they need to be able to see your number in the studio. Grand. Did that. I got through and was asked a yes or no question about whether or not Paris was the capital of France. I managed to guess the answer correctly. I'm about to win €300. I'm excited. "Correct! You almost got through to the show. Please try again".


I re-dial. There must have been some mistake. I confirm that Harry Potter is not a Rockstar and then I get the following message: "That's amazing! Well done you were very close to getting through to our studio". Well done? Well fucking done?! What a scam and a half. I know I was being really naive now, but I didn't think that those shows can get away with blantantly lying to you.

The whole time I was watching before I ventured for the phone, this big bastard was saying that nobody had the answer. They had even started offering €200 for getting 2 countries. As disgust set in, he asked me to call in because no-one had gotten the answers yet. I had the answers slipping off my tongue and a broken heart. You owe me €300, J.G. Murphy. You liar.

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  1. It's good to have you back blogging again, Mac. It's been too long.