Monday, November 30, 2009


I've always said that when things are going bad for a little while that sooner rather than later things will take a turn for the better. Over the last year I've mostly been learning that when things are going good for a little while that sooner rather than later everything will go to shit. Things have been really good for me for the last couple of months so I really should have seen this weekend coming.

I got off the DART in Dun Lalalala to get Blood Bowl before Astro on Friday evening. Sold out. Every GameStop in Dublin was sold out. I rang Lugosi and he said he was in work on Saturday before the show and would pick it up for me. Grand. I went to football. Nelly was about an hour late and I never got warm during the game at all. I was freezing for the entire event even though I think I ran a lot more than last week.

I knew that going home would be very boring so I asked Ciara could I venture over to her neck of the woods. We watched the Late Late Toy Show. First one that I'd watched in a few years and it was OK. Ryan was funny in places but most of the toys were terrible. Really terrible. Some of the toys didn't even work. Demonstration fail. The 7 year old girl that sang was brutal.

Anyway, I stayed in Ciara's so it looked like I'd avoided a bad weekend because Saturday was the Blind EP Launch and then going out afterwards. I woke up to Ciara telling me her Grandad had died from her Dad's side. She had to go to Dunmore for the weekend. I felt really bad for her. Reminded me of when my Grandma died. It was awful. It was really hard to convey this to Ciara though because I literally couldn't keep me eyes open. I don't know what was wrong with me. I'd gotten about 9 hours of sleep before Ciara woke me and I slept for at least 3 more before finally getting up. Ciara seemed OK but I don't really know how Ciara reacts to things like this. She seems very close to her Grandad on her Mother's side but it doesn't seem to be the case here. He was 89. Long life, but no-one wants a loved one to die.

I returned home and had a shower to stay awake. I felt so drained. At this point I was thinking that I'd gotten something on Friday night playing Astro. Lugosi texted me saying that they didn't have Blood Bowl. I went into the show. I was excited for it but I was worried about Ciara at the same time. I know Ciara was really looking forward to the show and going out afterwards too. I hadn't been out in ages due to lack of funds and people only going out to War but I wasn't sure if I was going to head out after the show because of how tired I was.

The show was brilliant. The venue is sick. The Blind and Find A Way killed it. Frustration were much better at Deal With It but still played well. Crossbreaker were OK and Mike Tyson aren't my thing. Liamy convinced me to head out to Fibber's afterwards and I'm glad I did. It was fun. Well, it was OK. I was still just so tired so I sat down for pretty much the whole night. I didn't do a lot of wandering. I enjoyed the chats I had though.

I wasn't so much tired as I was feeling sick on Sunday so I didn't head into the Woolshed to watch the Chelsea match. I stayed in bed when I watched Chelsea hammer Arsenal 3 - 0. I passed the time inbetween texting Ciara with Facebook for most of the day until the Steelers @ Ravens game.

I didn't think we were going to win the game if I'm honest. Ravens just rarely seem to be good enough to beat the team they are playing that week this season. Against the Patriots, we were just not quite good enough. Against the Vikings, we were just not quite good enough. Against the Bengals twice, we were just not quite good enough and against the Colts it was the same old story. If the Ravens had played against the Steelers the way they had against the Colts, the game wouldn't have even been close. Baltimore played poorly and would have lost if Big Ben had been on the field. But they didn't lose. They won in Overtime. Keeping playoff hopes alive and ending a weird weekend on a high. Ciara would be back on Tuesday aswell, probably in time to see Paranormal Activity for €4.50.

I vomited in the early hours of Monday morning. I've had stomach problems for most of today. Joebreaker is moving out. He's moving in with Sarah somewhere near Fibbers. He told the Landlord. She issued us with a termination of lease notice. We have until December 28th to vacate the The Local. Her reasoning is that the tenants are changed too frequently in the house. Ronan moved out a couple of months ago. Her other reason is that because she has been dealing with Joebreaker exclusively that she doesn't want to deal with anyone else in the house.

We're fighting it. The termination of the lease notice doesn't give any reasons to why she is doing so within the document. Apparently, it's not valid unless reasons are given. The above reasons certainly aren't going to hold up in any court either. We need to wait until Joe Panama is back from Paris until we decide exactly what we are doing. There's other houses in the area that are going for the same price. 4 bedroom houses. I think Jimmy is going to take this opportunity to move back to Galway, though. He's not liking his course at the moment and it's his only reason for being in Dublin and he doesn't care much for Dublin. If worst comes to worst, I can move back home of course. I really don't want to do that though.