Friday, November 27, 2009


I woke up at about 3pm. I played Madden NFL Arcade. It's a lot of fun. Once I discovered that the Titans are almost unbeatable it was easy to pick up the achievement that I thought would give me the most hassle, winning 5 ranked matches in a row. Young is really fast, a good deal faster running that the other QBs. If you pick a deep pass and then just run with Young to the left, you'll pick up yards. I discovered this by being infuriated by this very tactic last night. The top 10 players at the game in the World all use The Titans. I have one achievement left to get and after I get it I doubt I'll be playing online again. I'll play with the lads when they are over or vs. the AI but having to pick The Titans or play against them and more than likely lose isn't that appealing to me when I have over 10 other Amerian football games to play.

From 5.30pm until 4.15am this morning, I watched the NFL on Sky Sports. Nearly 11 hours of football. Sick. The Packers @ The Lions, The Raiders @ The Cowboys and The Giants @ The Broncos. Green Bay, Dallas and Denver were the winners. None of the games were that close in terms of scoreline but I enjoyed watching them all. Sky Player on Xbox 360 is so good.

Ciara came over and watched the first game and half of the second with me. Well, she slept for most of the half of the second game, she was tired. I don't blame her after the food we purchased and demolished during the second half of the Lions game. We each had a Veggie burger and chips and then shared garlic bread, onion rings and Haagen Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-cream. Unreal. Ciara can somehow put away pretty much the same amount of food I can, on a regular basis, it's scary. She told me that she loved me a couple of days ago, by the way. I don't know if I've ever smiled as much.

I played Madden 10 with Lugosi in between the second and third game. Co-op mode is mental, we got destroyed. Proper destroyed. Good fun though.

I don't have college tomorrow because it's Ballyfermot's Graduation. I didn't have college on Tuesday because of the strike. I don't have college on Wednesdays and I didn't go in on Monday or today because I didn't want to. I'll have to be in all next week though because the next round of assignments are due the week after.

The weekend is looking pretty good right now. Tomorrow I will be sleeping for the most part, then going into town and picking up Blood Bowl before meeting up with the boys to head out for some Astro. Then back home to play Blood Bowl. Saturday is The Blind EP Launch in The Exchange. Looking forward to picking that up and seeing Crossbreaker, Frustration and Find A Way too. I think we're all heading out on the razz afterwards too. On Sunday, Chelsea play Arsenal and Baltimore play Pittsburgh. I hope I can get a stream for that, it's not on Sky Sports.

Keep January 9th and 23rd free. Jan 9th is Hardcore For Charity #1. The first of what I hope to be three shows this year where all proceeds go to charities or charitable organisations. If it goes well I'll be looking to run more in 2011 and so on. Jan 23rd is the Anniversary Show. It's a bit later this time but it's happening. Both shows are on in The Exchange and are All Ages so bring your parents because you're never too old to mosh.

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