Sunday, November 22, 2009


...but I wasn't home and I couldn't bring myself to use Ciara's new laptop to do it. I don't think I could ever go back to PC. Last night was my first experience with Windows 7. Joebreaker has it but I haven't looked at his screen since he downloaded the beta months ago. It has a dock now. That makes me feel uneasy. It's like when Myspace started being more like Facebook, everyone changed to Facebook. My mood wasn't helped by the fact that her new laptop is a Dell Inspiron and felt like imitation plastic. Instead of writing a blog, I changed her desktop wallpaper. She wasn't happy with the picture I chose.

Friday wasn't the best day ever. It was never going to be. It was pretty incredible, though. I managed to do everything in the pictures. It was good to able to afford food again. Really good. I picked up Assassin's Creed 2 in the Xtravision beside Tesco and got a free shirt. It's not very nice and it's black so I won't be wearing it much. But it was black and I didn't have anything black to wear for football. Everything happens for a reason. After football I, with the company of Neal Keating, was supposed to meet up with people in Ciara Donnelly's house and grab a much needed shower. That didn't happen. Instead he got McDonalds and brushed my teeth in the bathroom and changed my shirt before we walked down to the Tap.

The show was sick. I can't stop saying "sick" instead of saying "deadly" or "great". When I said incredible in the last paragraph, I was going to say sick but I knew I would say it in this paragraph to describe the show and decided against it. Frustration killed it. New song is hard. Crowd Control was intense. Deal With It were good too. World Coming Down was sick. Andy gave a shout out to someone for wearing shorts in November. I'll see that shifter in December.

I wanted to go out after the show but everyone was going to Fibbers so I went home and heated a €1.20 cheese and tomato pizza and €1.29 garlic bread and watched 20 minutes of Harry Potter 6 with Ciara before visiting dreamland for a few hours. Friday was a day that make the rest of the week OK.

Saturday was Sara's 21st. It wasn't a party. It was a family thing but a couple of her friends from IADT, Sos, Ciara and myself were there. Before that, I got to play Assassin's Creed 2 for a little bit. It's much improved on the first and I reckon I'll really enjoy playing it inbetween games of Modern Warfare 2.

I had a lot of bars in Sara's house that tasted similar to other bars that were made by Mars. There was a nice pasta dish with coleslaw aswell. And cake. I met one of Ciara's good friends, Emma. Spent a lot of the night in Sos' car. I got to listen to a new Chewing On Tinfoil song. Get jealous.

This morning, Ciara's Mum made me two eggs and mushrooms. I have eaten a lot of food that I didn't exchange money for in the last couple of days. It's been really good. I'm probably going to balance it out with a big dirt of a pizza later because the football is on in an hour. The American kind. The best kind. In saying that, Chelsea whipping Wolves was delish. Still on top.

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