Thursday, November 19, 2009


Last year I deferred after only doing a couple of assignments. I wasn't there long enough to get any of them back. So while I knew what the first couple of assignments would be, I didn't know how good my previous work was so I was still starting from stratch. This year I've done four assignments so far which I've gotten in on time and completed to at least Merit standard if not higher in my eyes. This week I got two of them back:

Assignment 1: Analysis of a Print Advertisement

This was for Media Analysis. I picked an advertisement in Edge magazine for Dragon Age: Origins. It was a pretty lengthy assignment but I felt handing it up that I would recieve a Merit. I couldn't actually get a Distinction because the lecturer requires at least 75% attendence. I had attended one of ten classes. I got a Merit.

Afterwards I asked him if my attendence had been at 75% or higher, would I have gotten a Distinction. He said it would have. In past years I really wouldn't have cared about this and I probably wouldn't have even asked but this year, I found myself wishing I'd come into enough classes to get that D so it would be easier to get a decent grade overall. Although I can't help but think that if I only need to attend one of his classes to produce an assignment that is worthy of a Distinction (several typos aside), just fucking give it to me and I'll be on my way.

Assignment 2: Merchandising Budget

This was for Finance. I did my work loosely based on Find A Way's trip to the UK last year. It wasn't very time consuming, I finished it quite quickly but I actually felt, oh here's a little thing called a Distinction in my first Finance assignment giving me an easy ride for the rest of the year.

Lecturer came in today and said that quite a lot of people got Referals. Oh no. Couldn't be me though, I didn't leave anything out. It was me, I'd left something out. My budget wasn't correct and my choices of merchandise weren't justified, he said. I disagree strongly, the fucker. I justified my choice in merchandise by showing potential profit that could be made against the cost of the merchandise itself. He wanted it done another way and doesn't accept my method. Not happy.

I'm left with the task of pretty much re-doing the whole thing in a way that he has now explained fully and then I'll get a Pass. I can't get any higher than Pass from a Referal. I didn't ask him what the level of my other work was because I may have struck him, quite hard. A lot of other people were given Referals for what should have been a straight forward assignment, which really means that the lecturer didn't actually phrase the questions in such a way that they could actually be answered.

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