Monday, November 23, 2009


Sunday during football season is my favourite day of the week by a longshot and if the Ravens are playing then the no.52 is on my back and I'm ready to shout at the screen for the next two and half hours.

Coming into the game, Baltimore were without doubt the underdogs. A struggling secondary against Payton Manning doesn't fill you with confidence heading into the game. Suggs was missing the first game of his career and at 5 - 4 and 3rd in the AFC North, that's something we didn't need.

When the Colts drove 85 yards on their first possession I felt that it could be a long day for the Ravens D but on their next drive, Landry took the ball away for the first of 3 turnovers that the D would inflict on Manning and crew. The game was close from then until the end. Baltimore's new kicker played well but not perfect, missing one FG attempt.

Matt Stover, kicking for Indianapolis now, put the Colts ahead 17 - 15 about half way through the 4th quarter. The Ravens began to drive the field into the Red Zone with about 2.42 to play. Flacco and the Ravens didn't have a turnover all day until he threw a really stupid pass attempt to Ray Rice which was picked off easily. I couldn't believe he threw that ball. I wouldn't even try that in Madden.

The Ravens defense held strong and forced the Colts to punt with about 30 seconds left. A good punt return and a couple of passes to the outside and we could be in field goal range and win the game. Ed Reed is returning and as he's tackled he makes a bonehead play and tries to latteral the ball and loses it, leaving Indianapolis with a QB kneel to secure victory and 10-0, which they did.

I mean, Flacco's INT, oh dear, it was such a terrible decision to throw the ball and then Ed Reed's mental choice to toss the ball sideways instead of keeping the ball was mind boggling. But even before that, the Ravens had the chances to win. We took the ball from them 3 times and didn't score a Touchdown. That's insane. Cundiff missed a relatively easy FG. Ray Lewis missing that tackle for the Colts second TD. The offense had a 1st and Goal starting on the 1 yard line and couldn't get the ball into the Endzone.

I'm bitter. I can't believe Baltimore didn't hand the Colts their first defeat. We were the better side and we didn't take our chances. It's been the story of the season really.

Go here for the highlights of what was an entertaining, close and oh so frustrating and infuriating game of football.

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